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Motorola Moto Z Hong Kong

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Motorola Moto Z Hong Kong Price, Specs, and Review

Motorola Moto Z Hong Kong – The Best Modular Phone

If you are in search of an affordable phone with decent specs, then the Motorola Moto Z 香港 is a good option to consider. The Moto Z features a more robust modular connectivity than its competitors in the market, setting the benchmark for modular phones in the market despite having a wallet-friendly price point. Below is a rundown of the key features of the Moto Z Hong Kong.

Design and Build

The Moto Z gives a whole new meaning to thin smartphones. In fact, it is the thinnest phone in the world, measuring only 5.19mm in thickness. Despite its wafer-thin build, it is still quite solid and comfortable to hold in the hand. It has a stainless-steel frame which gives the phone a premium look, comparable to flagship-level devices. However, its thin build means that it does not include a 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, the phone comes with a USB-C cable in the box to convert your existing headphones. There are also connectors in the shape of Pogo-style pins on the back of the Moto Z that you can attach modular accessories with. These connectors will relay information back and forth between the phone and MotoMods. The mods are magnetized so no amount of shaking will knock them loose.

Moto Z modules – MotoMods

Moto Z modules – also known as MotoMods – are accessories that you can attach to the body of the phone, enabling you to add functionality to the device. The first mod is the Insta-Share projector which is a pico projector that shines whatever is shown on your screen to a wall or surface at a size of up to 70 inches. This means that you will be able to watch YouTube videos, browse through social media, and even conduct a PowerPoint presentation without needing to lug around a heavy projector. The projector is pocket-size, has an embedded kickstand, and an automatic keytone adjustment.

The second mod enables the Moto Z to not only projecting but also capturing images. The Hasselblad True Zoom mod provides up to amazing 10x zoom capabilities. This mod allows users to capture faraway shots and comes with manual zoom and half-press shutter physical controls.

Motorola has also partnered with JBL to create the SoundBoost mod, which turns the back of the Moto Z Hong Kong into a thick, powerful speaker. They provide decent loudness and sound quality, but not as loud as most of the Bluetooth speakers available today. The SoundBoost mod can play music and sounds up to 10 hours per charge as it has a built-in 1000mAh battery pack. If you require extra juice, there are several MotoMod packs that come with 2,200mAh of additional battery life in exchange for a few millimetres of thickness.