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Nintendo DS

The successor of the great Nintendo GameBoy takes the form of the Nintendo DS line up of handheld video game consoles. The Nintendo DS paved the way for the current famous Nintendo 3DS that many fans enjoy playing on. Initially marketed as an experimental handheld alongside the GameBoy, the DS then succeeded so much that it ended up being the successor. Read more below!

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The Nintendo DS was first launched to be a handheld that existed alongside the GameBoy, but it ended up as the successor – mostly because of its backwards compatibility with older GameBoy Advance games. Many people saw that the DS was preferably because of that ability, and thus the Nintendo DS became the successor.

The Nintendo DS kept the compact form-factor of handheld consoles in its unique clam-shell design that features two different displays. The traditional face buttons of the GameBoy sat flanking the lower display. It was all of the familiar GameBoy’s controls in a new design. The Nintendo DS is also the world’s bestselling handheld game console to date at over 154 million units sold since its release in 2004.

Reverse Compatibility

The reverse compatibility function of the Nintendo DS is one of its strongest feature. Gamers who grew up with the older GameBoy Advance no doubt has already a respectable library of video games. Instead of making the games obsolete with the release of a new console, Nintendo allowed the gamers to utilize their already existing library of games. Playing GameBoy Advance games on the DS only utilized one of the two displays, however.

New games developed for the DS take the form of game cards which are inserted on the top of the DS. Some of these games have compatibility with the older GameBoy games as well; having both the GameBoy cartridge inserted on the bottom and the newer DS game cards inserted on the top could unlock unique and hidden features and items in certain games.

Versatile Gaming – Nintendo DS Hong Kong

The Nintendo DS truly changed the handheld gaming scene by allowing gamers to play newer games, older games, and also have them both work together to bring out unique features. It could also use the GameBoy slot on the bottom as an “expansion bay” of sorts for extra features such as the Nintendo Rumble Pak that provided vibration feedback to the console in relation to in-game actions.

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