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People are getting more and more creative with their photo taking skills, going to unthinkable angles and capturing great moments. The Ricoh Theta is a camera that lets people push the norm of photography by allowing people to capture “spherical” images that span 360 degrees in all axis. With virtual reality becoming a thing, a lot of people are looking to capture immersive photographs that put viewers right in the action. Read more below!

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The Rectangle that Captures Spheres

The Ricoh Theta 3D Spherical digital camera is a camera that doesn’t look like it can capture 360 degree images – instead it looks very much more like a remote control, save for the large lenses at the top. The Theta digital camera is impressively compact and is designed incredibly well for its single specific use: to capture spherical-styled photos impressively.

The Ricoh Theta is designed from the ground up to give consumers the ease of capturing spherical images without having to use a lot of complicated setups or struggle with steady hands using a smartphone’s app. The camera is extremely lightweight and compact, making it an ease to transport around instead of having to lug around another gigantic camera device. The body of the camera is also slightly rubberized for a more secure grip when you’re taking a spherical photo.

360-degree Photography

Spherical photos are basically photographs that capture 360 degrees of the surrounding area; when viewing such photos, the viewers can pan around the image and zoom in and out of the scene – think of a virtual reality image and you’ll understand what’s going on here. The Ricoh Theta has a built-in on-board storage of 4GB, which roughly translates into about 1200 spherical image captures.

The camera has a simple operation that’s both quick and easy. To capture a great spherical image through the Ricoh Theta, all the user has to do is to hold out the camera or place it upright in the centre of a scene and press the shutter button; give it a second or two, and you’re done! Alternatively, users can also download the Ricoh Theta app to pair with the camera for a greater and more convenient control of the camera.

The Ricoh Theta is a great camera from the legendary Ricoh brand. It is designed for one single function, and it performs at it exceptionally well. If you simply must capture spherical 360-degree photographs, then look no further than the Theta.

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