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Samsung Galaxy S7 prices in Hong Kong

Galaxy S7 was created to answer the lack of real upgrade from Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S6. For one, the S6 lacked IP6 certification from Galaxy S5, a physically centered feature that made it waterproof and dust resistant. This was a big disappointment for the fans of the Galaxy Series. However, that expectation and more has finally come to a realization with Samsung’s latest Galaxy model the S7. Read more to know about it!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Price by Country

Indonesia IDR 6,400,000
Malaysia MYR 1,299
Philippines PHP 23,180
Singapore SGD 590
Thailand THB 15,399
Vietnam VND 5,690,000


Delicious Android Nougat Update for the Samsung Galaxy S7

22 November 2016
Lord Tan

One of the best Android smartphones out there, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is now finally getting an update to Android 7.0 Nougat after closing the Nougat beta program just before the new year.

Samsung Galaxy S7 models can expect to see an Android 7.0 Nougat update delivered to their smartphones OTA (over-the-air) sometime in January 2017. Official user manuals released by Samsung details the various changes that will be brought about by the Android 7.0 Nougat update:

  • Updated Samsung TouchWiz user interface: It will bear a blue and white colour theme. The icons also follow a flat design inspired by the stock Android icons, and the new TouchWiz also utilizes the stock Android notification pull-down shade instead of its own.
  • A new camera app: The new app will be simpler in design with easy-access icons. It also gains new features such as being able to lock focus on one point of an image while adjusting focus in another.
  • New lock screen: The update also brings a new lock screen that is similar to the unfortunate Note 7’s. The lock screen features access to certain apps without having to unlock the smartphone for quick actions.
  • New battery modes: Samsung gives more control to the users with a new Performance Mode that allows users to choose the phone’s performance from four different modes: Normal, Game, Entertainment, and High Performance.
  • Blue Light Filter: The Nougat update will also bring a blue-light filter that can lessen the strain on our eyes when looking at the phone – especially in darker lighting environments.
  • Multi-Window Mode: Samsung and stock Android’s very own multi-window mode will come together to extend support to more apps than Samsung’s own pre-installed ones.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best smartphones out there that consumers can buy thus far. The S7 packs a powerful Exynos 8890 quad-core processor that delivers consistent performance at no expense. It also has one of the best cameras ever made in a smartphone

About Samsung Galaxy S7 Hong Kong

Galaxy S7 Hong Kong

Living Up To The Word "Premium"

One of the major criticism that the S6 was flooded with is the fact that its built to just live it to the word premium. The design and material itself simply made the S6 look an expensive piece of device, but without real continuity from its predecessor. With the S7, that design and build have finally been given more sense, as it brings back functionality that was once present in the predecessor of S6 but never made it to the final model. The Galaxy S7 marked the return of the microSD slot, removable battery (despite the tight sealing of the case), and waterproofing feature; all these three were deal breakers for the S6, and it is recovered by the S7.

Photoshoots Made More Creative

Because pixel count is overrated and it does not accurately gauge the performance of the camera, Samsung took a step backward with their pixel count, but in return, they’ve pumped up its phase detection, image stabilization, and light sensitivity feature. Though in terms of pixels, the S6 surpassed its successor, in terms of overall quality, the Galaxy S7 wears the crown. Also, the S7’s lenses could capture a wider angle than the S6, making it a real champion already against all other smartphones in its league. With a cutting edge camera and waterproof ability, you can take selfies and photos in a more fun and unconventional way – underwater perhaps?

Unmatched Performance

To date, the Galaxy s7 is the only device that goes unmatched in terms of processing speed and graphics rendering, because it's equipped with the most power processor and GPU available in the market right now. Its chipset is equipped with multiple cores (it’s just so many now that we already started lost count, but it’s actually 12) that can run at 2.3GHz at a minimum each. If that’s not enough on top of its 12 processing units (cores), its graphics processing unit (GPU) is able to render the best and crisp quality display smoothly, on screen and in-app, despite its already highly saturated pixels – lagging is never an option for this phone.

When the Galaxy S6 came out people were not exactly thrilled due to Samsung’s feat in taking away most of the essentials of the Galaxy Series’ DNA. Apparently, the much-needed upgrade that we all wanted after the Galaxy S5 was not what the S6 turned out to be. As a course correction, the Galaxy S7 was born.

Galaxy S7: The Necessary Upgrade Since the S5

The Samsung Galaxy S7 marked the return of the features that were once enjoyed by users in the previous Galaxy S devices before the S6. For starters, the microSD slot has finally made a comeback. It’s been greatly missed by those who can’t get enough of downloading apps and media files into their device. Another notable comeback which was once present in Samsung Galaxy S lineup is the waterproofing technology. It’s now back and even better! These are only some of the notable features that the Galaxy S7 has and there’s so much more to praise.


The Galaxy S flagship devices have always been the leading smartphones when it comes to imaging. It cannot be denied that their camera has always been among the top performers in the entire smartphone market. And, that trend isn’t about to go obsolete sometime soon. The Galaxy S7 carries a camera that went backward when it comes to pixel size but 5 steps forward in hardware and software improvements. There are basically fewer pixels now in the Galaxy S7’s camera, however, it now comes with a lens with a wider angle, phase detection, a very snappy auto-focus, an optical image stabilization, and an Auto-HDR feature.

Camera Resolve

Now starting off with the image quality of the photos that it captures. There’s only one word to describe it: excellent! The camera’s resolve provides a lot of details. While the noise level of the camera is somewhat high, it adds more texture to the photos instead of getting in the way. Despite not having as many pixels as the Galaxy S6, its image resolve is equal to that of the galaxy S6.

Night Shots

The color rendition of Galaxy S7’s camera is identical to the Galaxy S6. It produces a highly vibrant set of colors, but not too vibrant, just enough to produce a natural looking photo. The night scene of the Galaxy S7 is also some of the best performances for a smartphone in the market today. It manages to absorb as much light as possible to keep its exposure as high enough to make an object clear and visible with almost invisible noise. The details are also as good as a DSLR’s capture under poor lighting conditions.

Panorama Shots

The Galaxy S7 also excels greatly in taking panorama shots. When taking the panorama mode with the phone in an upright position (portrait), the area that it captures is also vertically wide. The stitching of the panorama shots is also close to being flawless for objects that are stationary. Exposure is also consistent and the detail of a panorama photo is as good as Samsung S7’s still shots.

Selfie Camera

Apparently, Samsung is aware that the target audience for the Galaxy S7 is not really the “selfie-holics” kind. That is why the 5MP sensor on the front of the Galaxy S7 is nothing really outstanding. It just comes with a basic 5MP camerawith an average sensor. The new feature that is worth noticing in its front camera is the screen flash feature. This feature is nothing really new to the smartphone market since this was first introduced during the debut of the LG G2. A big part of the entire screen becomes all white in order to illuminate light into its subject. Then, the viewer of the camera is basically at the center taking a form of a downsized monitor. Despite that, the resolution remains the same. Meanwhile, the video recording capability of its front facing camera is limited to 1440P – one notch above the standard limitation for a secondary camera. The Galaxy S7’s secondary camera is really not outstanding enough to challenge the primary camera of even the midrange phones. However, all these years, secondary cameras have never been the focus when it comes to camera comparisons.

A Complete Video Recording Experience

Helming the role of a flagship device, the Galaxy S7 never fails to impress when it comes to video recording competition. For starters, it is capable of shooting 4K videos (2160p at 30fps). Aside from the highly sought after 4K videos, it can also take 1080p at 60fps and 30fps, 1440 at 30fps. The shooting modes available for its video recording feature are slow motion and Hyperlapse. The slow motion is recording at a 720fps resolution with a frame rate of 240fps – a high enough frame rate that could allow the user to decrease the speed of the movement up to four times its actual speed.

The 4K video possesses a very high resolution that it is recorded at a very high bit rate – 48MBPs. It’s easily going to consume most of your storage space, but you will get an excessively rich detail in return for that. So, no complaints here. On the other hand, its 1080p at 60fps is captured at 28MBps, and the standard 1080p at 30fps is at 17MBps. Whatever resolution it may be, their audio is recorded in stereo and at 256kbps.


Basically, the core of the Galaxy S7 comes in two variants. There’s one with a Snapdragon 820 and another one with Exynos 8890. The snapdragon chipset comes with a quad-core CPU, two of the cores are clocked at 2.15GHz and the other two at 1.6GHz. The Snapdragon 820 chipset is commonly available, especially in the international market. On the other hand, the Exynos chipset comes with an octa-core processor. The first four cores of its processor are mongoose cores which can run up to 2.6GHz depending on the tasks it handles. While the other four cores are cortex A53 and run at 2.3GHz. Regardless of the cores that the phone utilizes, they’re still able to keep their temperature in check and could run at a maximum speed without overheating easily.

Talking about their GPU, different chipsets come with matching Graphics Processing Units. The snapdragon comes with an Adreno 530 while the Exynos comes with a Mali-T880 MP12. Regardless of what chipset the phone comes with, they all have a 4GB worth of RAM and a 32GB storage as the standard variant. 64GB versions are also available.

With a processing unit as powerful as the Galaxy S7’s, Samsung has again set a trend-setting performance that’s hard to follow. With heaps of raw processing power from its CPU coupled with loads of efficiency in its graphics rendering, there’s definitely no reason for this phone not run any application smoothly and play the video at the highest frame rate possible.

An Outstanding Display

The Samsung Galaxy S series has consistently dished out immense visual experience with all of its previous flagship devices. The Galaxy S7 has yet again raised the standards when it comes to displaying resolution. The 5.1-inch display of the Galaxy S7 boasts a QHD display which flaunts a 1440 x 2560 pixels, just one more step to becoming a 4K display.

The S7’s display now offers a much higher maximum brightness compared to the Galaxy S6. Also, the screen has this Overdrive mode feature which could battle direct sunlight efficiently. The color accuracy of the screen is what you’d expect from an AMOLED panel, in fact, it’s even better. The screen is very vivid and vibrant which are very pleasing to look at.

Battery Improvement

The battery of the Galaxy S7 is definitely an improvement over its predecessor. Compared to the Galaxy S6 which takes on the same size and runs almost on the same power level as this phone, it is now packed with more amount of juice. The Galaxy S7 packs a 3,000mAh battery, a 450mAh improvement from the Galaxy S6. However, one thing that the Galaxy S7 maintained is the non-removable battery. It’s the only unwelcomed change that the Galaxy S6 adapted and was inherited by this phone. However, it’s no something that’s easy to live with compared to the absence of the microSD slot of the Galaxy S6.

(Photo courtesy of GSMArena)

Another wonderful feature of the S7’s battery is quick to charge. The QuickCharge can easily fill up your phone’s battery to 100% from 0% in just 90 mins of charging. Another one of the most talked about feature of this phone is the wireless charging. They come with wireless charging pads where you just direct the back of the phone into the pad for a wire-free charging. This charging method is actually very restrictive than the traditional way of charging, but it’s a fancy way to charge your phone that’s for sure.

Final Verdict

The Galaxy S7 is everything that you could ask for. More or less this more polished version of the Galaxy S6 is the answer to the user’s protest of what the Galaxy failed to maintain from its predecessors and what it has missed. Also, the compromise that was made in order to make this phone work were all rewarded handsomely. For one, the 12MP camera which was downsized from the 16MP of the Galaxy S6, we got a much better camera sensor which is 5 steps ahead compared to the rest of the flagship devices today. The battery too will remain sealed, perhaps due to the wireless charging capability, and from the looks of it, the battery will most likely remain the same that way. For a little compromise, the Galaxy S7 was able to bring out the best of what a smartphone should be. And by all rights, it’s definitely a phone to own and a flagship device to beat.

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