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When it comes to makeup, even the tiniest detail does make a difference, and one example of that are your lashes. You would want them to look longer, defined and on fleek, whether putting on mascara, curling them with an eyelash curler, or both! Make your eyes pop with Shu Uemura’s Eyelash curler for professionals and amateurs alike! Read more about it here.

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Turn your Lashes from Blah to Wow with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

A must-have on your beauty bag, an eyelash curler is a device which enables you to curl your lashes to better accentuate your eyes. It provides added definition to your eyemakeup, and makes your lashes look longer. While the device itself may look intimidating, once you get the hang of using an eyelash curler, you would instantly see the difference between your curled and un-curled lashes. As one of the biggest brands in cosmetics, Shu Uemura Hong Kong brings you an amazing tool to help you curl your lashes better.

Who is Shu Uemura?

Founder and creator of Shu Uemura cosmetics, Shu Uemura was first interested in hairstyling. As a teenager, he enrolled in the Tokyo Beauty Academy, being the only male amongst the 130 students of his class. His first break as a makeup artist came when he transformed Shirley MacLaine into a Japanese women for the movie My Geisha in 1962. From there, Shu Uemura became an iconic Japanese makeup artist, eventually creating his own line of cosmetics.

About the design

One of Shu’s most well-received products is his own rendition of the traditional eyelash curler which gained multiple recognitions and loved by many beauty gurus across the globe. What makes this product so amazing is that it provides the ultimate precision and control. Because of its “mushroom-shaped” silicone pad for the safety of your delicate lash line. On top of that, the hinge is engineered to provide the right amount of pressure on your lashes, making your lashes look naturally curved. The curved handle suits all eye shape with ergonomic handles to ensure stability and control. Its results are so stunning that you don’t need to wear falsies or mascara, but if you do, all the more beautiful it would look!

For beautiful lashes

Shu Uemura makes it easier for newbies to create beautiful, and glamorous lashes. All you need to do is pop them on your lash line, squeeze the handle with the right amount of pressure, and you end up with ultra-cute, curled lashes. However, like all cosmetic products, it takes plenty of practice to master eyelash curling. Make it much easier with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers!

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