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Sony’s Alpha series of compact digital cameras have taken a huge leap in imaging technology in the past few years. With the Sony A6500, features are upsized to exactly what you need. From a handy touchscreen with an enhanced menu, a 24MP sensor, phase detection, and an amazing autofocus system, the A6500 is everyone’s dream camera. Find out more about the Sony A6500 in Hong Kong.

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Sony A6500 Specs

Sony A6500 Specs

Release Date in Hong Kong
DateNov 2016

Sony A6500 - the Perfect Point and Shoot Camera

One of the first features of a camera we look into is the build quality. Sony A6500’s build quality feels sturdy although its shape is unconventional of compact cameras. The outer shell is rigid and sturdy in your hands. As for usability, the Sony A6500’s buttons and toggles are dispersed along the sides of the rear touchscreen. This may make it difficult to access at times, but once you get used to it, you won’t want to go back.

Touchscreen autofocus

Competing with other camera technology in the market today, the Sony A6500 features a touchscreen autofocus imaging when using the rear LCD screen. Although the response time may seem a little delayed, this feature is useful if you want a clearer view of your subject. Tap on a face or object, and wherever you angle the camera, the focus will be on the subject.

Stills and video

If you want something that not only looks professional but works amazing, the Sony A6500 is for you. Just reading the spec sheet alone won’t give you a good picture of what the Sony A6500 can do. For still shots, the Sony A6500 performs with a minimal lens performance. Shoot with aperture priority that is high or high shutter speeds and you get vivid, sharp images.

As for video recording, the Sony A6500’s autofocus may not impress you so much as clarity and colour. Without the changeable AF points while shooting, you may get a general clear picture instead of one focus point. One feature that goes hand-in-hand with video is the ability to remotely control the camera using Wi-Fi connection. Shoot from a distance without hassle using this feature.

Multiple formats

An essential key to being a good photographer is the ability to shoot in multiple formats. Thankfully, the Sony A6500 allows you to do just that. Shoot in RAW or JPEG without losing the quality. RAW format photos are perfect for the minor touch-ups with Photoshop or any other image-editing tool. So, get the Sony A6500 in Hong Kong today and start your photography portfolio.

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