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Looking for a camera that will easily slip into your pocket and at the same time offer an incredible 30x zoom range? Look no further; Sony Hong Kong’s Cyber-shot DSC-HX90 has all the features you are looking for in a compact camera. Click here to read more.

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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC HX90V Hong Kong: Compact Camera Meets Professional Photography

In today’s digital age, smartphones are the in-thing. They have a great number of features that could practically do almost any tasks. One of which is to take pictures which is originally a camera’s main function. Although smartphone photos can be amazing, they aren’t as sharp and vibrant as those by compact cameras. Compact cameras normally have a zoom range of 10x and can produce an impressive image quality under any lighting condition. Such cameras are manufactured by Sony Hong Kong like their Sony HX90V. The Sony HX90V is one of the smallest compact cameras in the world and boasts a 30x zoom and a viewfinder.

Unrivaled Speed and Performance

With the HX90V’s small, compact body comes a lightning fast image processor that is capable of capturing multiple frames in dimly-lit or high contrast settings and reduces image noise or enhances dynamic range. It has a burst capture rate of 10 frames per second which makes it unrivaled in terms of speed and performance.

Top-Notch Lens

The HX90V prides itself for its whopping 30x optical zoom lens. To illustrate how incredible this feature is, think of birds in a faraway swamp. Due to the great distance, they appear as tiny white dots. However, with the use of a 30x optical zoom, you can obtain much better photos of the birds. This feature alone gives you many wonderful benefits in your travels. This is what sets the HX90V apart from its contemporaries.

Cutting-Edge Viewfinder

Another feature that the Sony Cyber-shot HX90V is proud of is its electronic viewfinder. It has a 100% coverage and a 0.5x magnification with an eyepoint of 19.2mm from the frame. To enable the viewfinder, just flick the small switch on the camera body’s left side. Now, take a photo just by pulling the viewfinder towards your eye and capture crisp and colorful images.

Impressive Autofocus

Apart from its impressive viewfinder, the HX90V also brandishes an autofocus that excels in a single shot, continuous shots, and flexible spots. Single shot focusing is done through establishing a single focus for the lens and holding it until you capture the image. The same goes for continuous focusing except that it works better with moving objects. Meanwhile, flexible spot focusing allows you to set up the focus on the subject. The importance of these focusing options relies on the fact that they are needed when shooting action photos. Since the Sony Cyber-shot HX90V has such capabilities, it surely is the one to beat in the world of compact cameras.

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