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Having a dash camera is the type of forward-thinking that proves useful in the event of a road accident, a hazard that every driver faces when on the road. Embrace security with the Transcend DrivePro 220 and feel secure while on the road. Read more about it down below.

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Transcend DrivePro 220 Hong Kong – Reliable Constant Vigilance

Never be caught unawares with the Transcend DrivePro 220! Keep a level head in the event of an accident as the DrivePro 220 is capable of capturing the conditions and details of an incident, such as locations and license plates, due to the cameras powerful capturing power. Whether you’re driving in the day or night, the dashcam easily adjusts to the brightness outdoors with its ƒ/1.8 aperture and powerful camera lens. The dashcams high graphics, 130° viewing angle, and Full HD imaging sensor combine to capture footage at 1080p and 30 frames per second. Always have an extra eye on the road with the DrivePro 220!

The Dashcam that That Keeps You in Mind

Designed for efficiency and reliability even in the event of a crisis, this dash camera is filled to the brim with features that make your life easier, and give it the ability to run as smoothly as possible.

Power – The cameras built-in Li-Polymer battery ensures that the camera is able to record uninterruptedly, without fear of a sudden power failure or other complications during a traffic accident. The built-in battery also gives the camera the ability to continue recording 30 seconds after your car has lost power.

Wi-Fi Connectivity – Focus on driving as a passenger can easily control and adjust camera settings on the DrivePro app that’s available on both Android and iOS. Connected through the dashcams Wi-Fi feature, it also allows you or a passenger to immediately download and review footage taken by the dashcam straight on your mobile.

Mounting Options – Choose between two types of mount options, a suction mount or an adhesive mount, based on your own preferences and your car design.

Stay Safe with The Transcend DrivePro 220

Getting lost while out on a drive is sometimes an unavoidable event, especially if you’re driving on unfamiliar roads or late at night. But don’t worry, if you have the Transcend DrivePro 220, your friends and family will be able to locate you with the DrivePro 220s GPS receiver. Able to log your GPS coordinates, date, and time along with the recorded video footage, the DrivePro 220 will also help you to more accurately give your precise location when contacting emergency road services, police, or an insurance company.

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