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Aimed at perfection, the lovely Versace Bright Crystal is a prime example of sophisticated perfume that can uplift your mood dramatically. Read more about Versace Bright Crystal Hong Kong below to find out.

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Helmed by the fashion world's most influential and provocative designer, Versace is an icon that has been associated with sophisticated fashion. Unsurprisingly, its fashionable fragrance have been said to be natural and refined at the same time. This innovative Italian brand proudly designs products that are synonymous with luxury, glamour and sensuality. One of such products is the lovely Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette spray.

Inspiring Design that Glows

In the first glance, the gorgeous Versace Bright Crystal is certainly one of the best-looking perfume bottles that you can find in the market. Shaped like a gleaming diamond or crystal, its lovely bottle simply exudes its refined style effortlessly. This shows that the Versace Bright Crystal exhibits such incredible level of workmanship. Amazingly, its unique stopper resembles a huge piece of crystal that displays well-placed cuts. As if it is not enough, it boasts its ethereal vibe with its illuminated look.

At the same time, there is a beautiful Versace logo coin that is engraved in its center. Inspiring awe and wonder, the gorgeous Versace Bright Crystal is a true work of art. Moreover, it is a unique masterpiece that you will love to have. Even if you are not using it, this lovely Versace piece should fit well with your modern interior design. In short, the magnificent Versace Bright Crystal perfume bottle definitely looks like it came from the fantasy literature that you have been growing up with.

Secret Fragrance that Everyone Desires

Designed by Alberto Morillas in 2006, the Versace Bright Crystal fragrance is a fresh blend of chilled yuzu and pomegranate that is mixed with soothing blossoms of peony, magnolia and lotus flower. Not just that, this lovely fragrance is also warmed with notes of amber and musk. In the heart of this exquisite composition, the peony and magnolia give out the fresh and sensual feeling while you have watery fresh lotus notes moderate the intensity and sweetness of the floral accords. Soft yet sweet, this amazing fragrance from Versace represents a mixture of Donatella Versace's favorite floral fragrances.

Once you have savored its sensual scent, you will be amazed at how it can soothe your mood gently. Most importantly, it is a wonderful fragrance that makes everything appears perfect. Fittingly, some have even compared it to a secret fragrance that everyone desires.

Fruity yet sensual, the Versace Bright Crystal gives you the fragrance which you will fall in love instantly. In addition, it offers more than just pleasant vibe because it is quite a mood uplifter. No matter what, the Versace Bright Crystal brings you the unique scent that becomes a part of you wherever you go.

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