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Vivo Y15 prices in Hong Kong

The Lenovo K900 is a phone that’s refined yet powerful. It sports an edgy and unconventional look that makes it stand out in a crowd. However, the beauty of this phone is not just limited to its external offering. On the inside, this phone packs a lot of surprises that will definitely provide a world of possibilities. Click here to read more about this phone!

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Intel Atom Device – A Desktop Like Speed

The Intel Atom processor that comes with this phone is a 64-bit chipset, providing the users a processing speed which is equally as fast as desktop computers. With that being said, it can without a doubt perform and run applications and games smoothly and effortlessly. With a 2GB RAM tossed together with its already powerful processor, multitasking will be effortless and seamless.

Unimagined Clarity of Full HD

Screen resolution of Lenovo K900 is in full HD which is 1920 x 1080 pixels, plus pixel density is ahead of its pack which is 400 pixels per inch. Every inch of its screen is pixel rich and sharp, you are guaranteed that the screen will radiate a vivid and crisp display, even under direct sunlight. With this much graphic goodness, it will be possible to browse full versions of websites, enjoy every bit of pixel in every hi-resolution images and even videos.

Photography at its Finest

It easy to snap and shoot sharp looking images with its 13MP autofocus camera, even in low-light conditions. As for its video recording capability, reliving your precious memories will be even more vivid and clear with its 1080p recording capability, Live up your memories in full HD.

Sleek and Sexy but Built to Last

With one look, you’ll immediate realize that this phone was built to please from the outside because of its unique build that will surely stand out in the crowd. The phone’s design and built were also made to provide its users a good grip on the phone and to make fit easily into the pocket. However don’t be deceived though with its sexy front because this phone is built with a Corning Gorilla Glass 2, to withstand shock and scratches that might damage its screen.

Complete Android Experience

Lenovo’s K900 is an offering that’s hard to resist. It sports a 5.5’ Full HD IPS Display screen, an Intel Atom dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, enormous internal storage (32GB), a 13MP camera with autofocus, ultra-slim yet durable build, and a premium look. It basically covers everything from performance to appearance, making it a pleasurable device in all aspects.

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