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Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB Specs

Release Date in Hong Kong
ModelCaviar Blue 500GB
DateMar 2007
Hard drive
Hard drive capacity500 GB
Hard drive interfaceParallel ATA
Hard drive speed7200 RPM
Hard drive size3.5"
Device typeHDD
Drive device, buffer size16 MB
Full stroke seek1 ms
Start/stop cycles300000
Packaging content
Storage drive adapter included

Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2008-11-17
Excellent performance,Meager software bundle
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Reviewed on 2008-04-03
Fast, runs cool, silent, perpendicular magnetic recording technology, huge capacity, inexpensive, 5-year onsite warrantyNone
Hard drive capacities have been reaching for the skies, while the prices have been nose-diving; even the highest-capacity drive is within reach. We got our hands on one of the hottest drives in the market today, the Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AA...
Reviewed on 2008-01-12
Storage space is the new blue LED, everybody wants as much of it as they can get. I swear that in the next five years well all look back on this day and think, “WTF were we doing with spinning media? We were totally crazy!” Until then, though...
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Reviewed on 2007-08-24
Its been a while since we last took a serious look at the best bang-for-the-buck in mainstream-priced desktop hard drives. Hard drive manufacturers havent remained idle either, as all of the major players have been busily increasing performance while decr...
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Reviewed on 2007-08-22
August 22, 2007 In our first hard drive survey a year ago, we had to plan on spending almost 300 € for a storage capacity of 500 GB. This price has since been decreased by two-thirds and now it’s no longer rare to find such a capacity for 100 € or l...
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Reviewed on 2007-04-23
Excellent performance, cool and quiet operationNothing of note The Final Word At 500GB, the Western Digital Caviar SE16 (WD5000AAKS) is great value for any type of computer system. Its performance makes it suitable for a high-performance PC, while its cool and quiet running makes it an ideal choice......
At 500GB, the Western Digital Caviar SE16 (WD5000AAKS) is great value for any type of computer system. Its performance makes it suitable for a high-performance PC, while its cool and quiet running makes it an ideal choice for a media centre or silent P...
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Reviewed on 2006-09-04
I cant get away from it; I am just a sucker for storage. I try to keep myself away from the HDD scene because I know I will just buy everything I can afford to buy. Hard drives and Chassis are my weakness, and today Western Digital is going to smack m...
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Reviewed on 2006-08-15
Most people when dreaming of building our ultimate gaming PC automatically start thinking about what graphics card we will get or what type of cooling we will have in our unit. Hard drives are considered an afterthought and some people will even just m...
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Reviewed on 2006-08-09
TODAY, THERE ARE ESSENTIALLY two classes of 3.5" Serial ATA hard drives available to consumers: drives designed for desktops, and those targeted at the enterprise. Desktop drives make up the bulk of the market and tend to favor lower noise levels and f...
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Reviewed on 2006-07-24
If we were to play a word association game with a PC enthusiast and said "Western Digital," its likely his geek reflexes would immediately trigger and force him to reply "Raptor" before he even realized he had spoken. Western Digital makes many more stora...
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Reviewed on 2006-06-26
Decent read speed, Great valuePoor burst speed
The Western Digital drive proves to be a most awkward drive to set up, requiring assorted jumper shenanigans to get our PC to even recognise the drive. Performancewise however, it comes out on top. At 32p per GB, its one of the best value drives weve...
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Reviewed on 2006-06-22
This month, WD joins the 500GB party with its Caviar SE 16 drive. Because the 400GB model is already our favorite 7,200rpm drive, we expected big things from its four-platter successor—and we were mostly satisfied. The drive runs on a SATA 3G interface...
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Reviewed on 2006-06-17
we expect great things of them.
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Reviewed on 2006-06-01
Bigger is Better In this every increasing world of data hungry software and apps, the old 50 gig drive, which a couple of years ago would be considered mammoth in portions, just doesnt cut it. Multimedia Apps, 3D games, DVD burners and home movies can...
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Reviewed on 2006-03-10
Updated March 9th, 2006, with Raptor 10K 150GB resultsUpdated March 10th, 2006, with WD5000KS 500GB results The new "darlings" of the storage community are the "half-terabyte" Serial ATA II (300 gigabit/sec) hard drives. In this evolving article, we c...
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