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It seems like we have to be constantly connected, no matter where we are and what we are doing. Not all of them are intrusive however, wearable gadgets like the Xiaomi Mi Band is a great gadget to have when you are out on a run or during your workouts. It delivers all of the great functionality one would expect from a fitness band, but without the big price tag. Read more below!

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Xiaomi Mi Band Specs

Operating System
iOS Compatibility
Android Compatibility
Operation System Android
Windows Phone Compatibility
Housing Material Aluminium
Housing Colour White
Dimensions (W x H x D) 14 x 36 x 9mm
Housing Shape Rectangular
Weight 13g
Watch Strap
Watch Strap Colour Black
Watch Strap Material Rubber
Removable Strap
Always-on Display
Release Year Unknown
Music Player
Stop Watch
Sleep Tracker
Heart Rate
Water Resistant
SIM Card Slot
Built-in Microphone
Battery Life 720h
Battery Capacity 41mAh
Built-in Camera
Memory Card Slot

Xiaomi Mi Band Hong Kong

Simply Functional Design

Like every fitness band out there, the Xaiomi Mi Band is a very simple device, hardware wise. The Xiaomi Mi Band is primarily made up of two different parts: the main Mi Band core unit and the swappable rubber band.

The main unit of the Xiaomi Mi Band is made up of an aluminium alloy on the front and durable plastic on the rear of the unit. The front plate of the Mi Band is a 1mm thick aluminium allow sensor that’s manufactured through a 12-step process to give it a smooth classy texture with chamfered edges. Under the aluminium plate is a set of three LED lights that discreetly keep you notified of your messages or workouts.

The band of the Xiaomi Mi Band is made up of TPSiV, one of the world’s best thermoplastic elastomers that is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is anti-allergy and anti-microbial. It’s comfortable, durable, and very unlikely to irritate even sensitive skin – the ultimate in fitness band comfort.

The Xiaomi Mi Band is a fitness band, no more, no less. Sure it does have added functionality such as giving you very subtle and discreet notifications for your smartphone’s notifications, but it ultimately is a fitness band. Located in the main unit of the Xiaomi Mi Band is a military grade exercise sensor that has very low power consumption and yet retains great accuracy when tracking your steps and fitness patterns. The lower power consumption of the sensor lets the Mi Band go on for 30 days before needing a recharge through the provided USB dongle.

Through the app, the Mi Band is able to track your running and walking steps as well as track your sleep patterns. The app shows your results in an easy to understand graph chart, allowing you to formulate your sleep patterns and fitness sessions to suit your preferences even better. With the use of a vibration motor in tandem with the three LED lights in the band, users can also stay notified in a very discreet and private manner.

Xiaomi Mi Band Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2017-10-03
Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition is a special edition Mi Band fitness tracker, tagged as the HRX, a Hrithik Roshan's clothing and accessories sports brand. As a fitness tracker, it tracks your the number of steps you've walked, the distance that's covered and h...
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Reviewed on 2016-07-07
The market is full of fitness-related products but the Xiaomi Mi Band series is one of the most popular in the world. The latest iteration of the product brings some significant upgrades like the Oled display but keeps an affordable price. Learn more in o...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-10
Lightweight and comfortable, battery life, affordable, day and night trackingAuto sleep tracking isn't ideal, limited visual encouragement
Samsung Galaxy Gear SPrice: Starts @ 24,900Key SpecsPros: Bright AMOLED display, calling and 3G internet ability, Good battery life, premium design, efficient sensors functionality, IP67 certifiedCons: Feels bulky to wear, Tizen OS has few applications, t...
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Reviewed on 2015-11-11
Stop rubbing your eyes, the price tag is correct. At $20, the Xiaomi Mi Band makes you wonder if you are getting a feature-crippled fitness tracker. But it does the job, automatically tracking your daily physical activity, workouts and sleep. It does not...
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Reviewed on 2015-11-11
Stop rubbing your eyes, the price tag is correct. At $20, the Xiaomi Mi Band makes you wonder if you are getting a feature-crippled fitness tracker. But it does the job, automatically tracking your daily physical activity, workouts and sleep. It does not...
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Reviewed on 2015-07-29
PHThe Xiaomi Mi Band is now on sale for £16 after smashing sales records in China and shifting over six million worldwide, making it one of the biggest selling wearables around.The Mi Band consists of an oval-shaped tracking in a black or colourful, rubbe...
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Reviewed on 2015-06-19
So. Damn. Cheap, Light, comfortable design, Waterproof, 30 day battery lifeCan overestimate activity, Limited app, Temperamental LEDs, Some pairing issues
You're reading this review because you want a fitness tracker but you either can't or won't spend much money on one.The Xiaomi Mi Band is now on sale for $15 on Xiaomi's online store for the US, UK and Europe after Xiaomi sold millions in China and at lea...
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Reviewed on 2015-06-15
Comfortable and lightweight, Long-lasting battery, Very cheap, Day and night trackingLimited visual encouragement, Occasionally questionable accuracy, Auto sleep tracking isn't ideal
Is it really possible to buy a competent, well-made, durable piece of wearable tech for $15? Surely, the answer has to be no, right? Consumer tech takes time to develop, time to test, and effort to put on sale. No way can it be done for a retail price tha...
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Reviewed on 2015-06-11
For all the fitness geeks that have a tech savvy inside them there are a number of activity trackers available in the market. These trackers can be easily classified into two categories one being the premium one that combines the activity tracker with som...
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Reviewed on 2015-06-08
The Xiaomi Mi Band costs just Rs. 1,000. And because of that, its easy to say, “Its just 1000 bucks, buy it.” But a thousand rupees is still substantial money and not to be thrown away lightly. So if you do go for the Mi Band, will you be burning that c...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-29
Xiaomi has managed to take the Indian smartphone market by the storm. All the devices it launched in the Indian market turned out to be runaway successes, so when it launched a fitness band in India, this April, all eyes were on them. So, will Mi Band rev...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-22
Great build quality, Compatible with Android and iOS, Excellent battery life, AffordableGlitchy Mi Fit app, Limited availability
"We review Xiaomi's ultra-affordable fitness tracker, the Mi Band"If there's one thing we've come to expect from Xiaomi, it's the attention to detail. For the Mi Band, this is evident both in the quality of the product, as well as the packaging. It comes...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-12
Fairly accurate activity and sleep tracking, Excellent pricing, Long battery life, Water resistantLacks a display, Smartphone apps can perform the same functions, Alarm feature doesn't work, App sign-up process needs improvement
Xiaomi is creating a lot of buzz across product categories at the moment. Excellent pricing has kept demand for its products high, and limited supplies have increased their appeal. After introducing several smartphones and the Mi Pad tablet, the company h...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-12
Following the same practice as Xiaomi, Yu Televentures has launched its Yuphoria smartphone alongside a fitness tracker dubbed the YuFit Band to take on the Mi Band. With a number of fitness trackers flooding the Indian market, it becomes abstruse for a b...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-10
Xiaomi is known for releasing products at affordable price points, in most cases anyways. So when it had announced the Xiaomi Mi Band back in August last year, the price point surprised a lot of people. At just $13, this was the cheapest fitness band / ac...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-09
The Xiaomi Mi Band is the Chinese answer to the Fitbit and similar devices, offering a "no frills" method of fitness tracking. Instead of a display, it has three 256-color LED lights, and it doesn't have some of the fancier fitness tracking methods like h...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-05
A year ago if you asked anyone about Xiaomi in India, chances were they would not be aware of its existence and even if some did know about it, probably dismiss it as yet another Chinese company. Fast forward to 2015 and not only does everyone know about ...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-01
While a number of fitness and sleep trackers varying from mid-range to high-range price tags are crowding the Indian market, a new entry in the Indian gadget market dubbed the Xiaomi Mi Band has startled everyone with its ultra-affordable price and impres...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-30
Great Build, Dirt Cheap, Impressive ProductivityToo Colorful, Better Sync with other Android Handsets Needed
Smartbands are the next big thing. And the current signs to denote that are very clear in modern day.Following the launch of Mi 4i, the Chinese handset maker Xiaomi also launched the Mi Band at its global smartphone launch event in New Delhi. Initially, M...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-30
Affordable, Battery LifeNA
In a day we perform many physical activities and the most common of them is walking. What if we could measure the same and also get to know how many calories we have burnt? With the Mi Band you can do just that and many more things.Off-late we have seen a...
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This band is not only affordable but also it is weatheproof, accurate, and has a great battery life
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