There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the use of cable ties. Besides cable management, there are many uses for cable ties around the house. Find out more about how you can use cable ties below.


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5 Unexpected Uses of Cable Ties at Home

Cable ties are generally used for securing and organising cables, preventing them from being entangled and downright troublesome. However, their usefulness extends beyond merely managing cables. Although they are lightweight and cheap, they are strong and can be used for many other functions around the house. Here are five uses for cable ties that you might not have expected.

Making Plants Grow Upright

You can ensure that your plants grow upright with cable ties and a staked rod. Loosely wrap a cable tie around a small sapling or a growing plant and a staked rod. Keep in mind that you should not tie the plant too tightly so that it still has room to grow and move freely. Secure the cable ties by stapling them so that they stay in place and do not slide up and down the stake. Once the plant has grown considerably, remember to adjust or remove the cable tie accordingly.

Fix Plumbing Problems

Did you know that you can also use cable ties to fix plumbing problems such as unclogging drains? You should use a long cable tie measuring around 45cm to 60cm. If you do not have a cable tie that is long enough, you can tie a few of them together to increase the length. A long cable tie enables you to reach the clog easier.

After that, create diagonal cuts that are angled upwards and staggered along one side of the cable tie with scissors or cutting pliers. Then bend the edges to create barbs. Once that is done, simply insert the cable ties into the drain and it should be able to remove clogs caused by hair or other small buildups.

Hanging Temporary Decorations

Cable ties are also useful for you to hang temporary decorations during festivals. Cable ties are great for hanging wreaths, string lights, and garlands. After the festivities, all you need is to do is to cut the cable ties with a pair of scissors to remove the décor.

Remove a Broken Cork from Bottles

If you have accidentally broken a cork while trying to open a bottle of wine, then you will know how difficult it is to remove it especially when you do not have a corkscrew handy. Do not worry, all you need is a few large cable ties. First, create a loop with two or three medium or large ties. Push the remaining cork down into the bottle and use the loop to fish out the floating cork.

Child Safety Method

These cable ties are also strong enough to be made into impromptu child safety method. If you have a cabinet that you want to prevent your child from accessing, cable ties serve as a temporary solution for a child lock. Just run a cable tie through two adjacent handles or around two knobs and pull tight.

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