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5 Tips and Tricks for Editing Videos Like a Pro in Hong Kong

Editing videos like a pro is not just about cutting out all the scenes that do not look good; it’s a lot more than that. In fact, video editing is the process of enhancing or adding stuff, not removing it away. This may require practice and patience but here are tips and techniques so you can become a professional video editor in no time.

Get the Right Software

When choosing the right video editing software in Hong Kong, make sure it provides consistent updates, multicam editing, and a lot of online support. It should also offer you a simplistic interface for a fast workflow.

Selecting the Right Computer

Having a top-of-the-line computer won’t necessarily turn you into a great video editor but it will enable you to accomplish your editing job faster. Make sure you choose one that comes with a fast storage, which will enable you to access footage and software quickly. Also, having at least 4 GB of RAM is recommended for faster editing speeds.

Another thing that you need to check is the quality of the video card. This is essential since a video card is in charge of the output of graphic images. If you’re not sure about which graphics card to get, you can see it on your video editing software manual or guide, providing you information about the recommended graphics card.

Tell a story

Video editing in Hong Kong is more than just simply cutting scenes; you should be able to provide a riveting story. Every sound effect, transition, graphics, and cut contributes to a great story. That’s why it is important that you focus on how each footage is progressing the story while editing.

Assign Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to save time and trouble on your projects, it’s best to assign keyboard shortcuts to make your editing task easier. If you’re not sure about how it works, it’s best to print out a cheat sheet that serves as a reference while editing. This will allow you to perform basic actions like cutting or playback with ease.

If you want to step up your editing game, you can use an editing keyboard that is used by many video editors. It comes with default keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to learn them with ease.

Learn Creative Editing Techniques

You don’t have to learn all the complicated techniques and use the advanced features of your video editing software to properly edit videos unless you are working on a feature or commercial film; basic video editing concepts will suffice. Here are some of the basic techniques you’ll need to know.

Jump Cut

A jump cut enables you to remove unnecessary scenes. Imagine your subject holding a glass of water over a building and then cutting to a clip of a shattered glass on a sidewalk. Although the audience won’t see the glass falling, it’s clear what happens in between.


This is a progression of scenes that display the passage of time. It’s a powerful tool that is used for emphasizing the character’s development, as seen in the movie “Rocky”.

Match Cut

This is a technique where you cut from one similar shot to another. Once done correctly, you can come up with a captivating sequence by cutting out two similar scenes.

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