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Esprit Promo Code Hong Kong

Take a gander at what Esprit has to offer with their up-to-date fashion items whilst enjoying exciting deals and promotions with discount coupons! Have your pick below or click here to read more about Esprit and their amazing coupons!

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Take a gander at what Esprit has to offer with their up-to-date fashion items whilst enjoying exciting deals and promotions with discount coupons! Have your pick below or click here to read more about Esprit and their amazing coupons!

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Get The Latest Fashion Threads with Esprit Hong Kong

Esprit Hong Kong: #ImPerfect

When concerning fashion, looking perfect for the occasion could come as a difficult matter to address sometimes. Having to deal with the right trends, the matter of comfort, and matching the colors and odds-and-ends could land you in the grasps of the fashion police way before you could step out of your house. Luckily, Esprit has all the necessary things that you need; from rocking t-shirts to deep blue jeans to numerous variety of accessories that would put even the most fashion-savvy divas to shame!

Coming up with the latest #ImPerfect Internet craze, Esprit launched its newest and trendiest collection of fashion items to-date. With hoodies that ooze style and comfort to dresses that flare the word “adorable” regardless what event it is worn for, you just can’t get enough of what Esprit has to offer in the #ImPerfect line-up. Most recently, Esprit also launched its VIP Days exclusive sales deal where you can get up to 25% off any purchase. The deal stretches from 1 September 2016 to the 11 September and all you need to do is to login in as an Esprit Friend on the website or you could even enjoy the deal as a new member just be simply signing up. Being in-trend with the latest fashion hype is what keeps people on their feet and Esprit is here to support you being on your feet.

Esprit Coupons: Your Easy-Way Deal to Shop Online!

When making an online purchase of Esprit fashion items, you are open to a make your payment through one of 2 ways; by usage of a credit card or through Pay by PayPal. Esprit’s Hong Kong online shopping website uses S. F. Express as its courier service and would usually cost HKD60 for purchases under HKD500, otherwise it is free if it’s more than HKD500. Apart from having a courier send you your purchases, you can also alternately pick them up from Esprit retail stores nationwide.

Getting Your Fashion Trends in Line with The Present with Esprit

Concurrent with Summer, Esprit has all the Summer-laced fashion clothing that you can get for yourself. Browsing, selecting, and purchasing Esprit fashion items is made to be a walk in the park (or across the website in this case) through the dividing of their whole collection into 3 main categories; Womens, Mens, and Kids.

Esprit Womens Fashion

You can simply get everything that you need and want from the Womens Fashion category of Esprit’s wholesome collection from dresses, skirts, t-shirts and tops, shirts and blouses, pants, shorts, jeans, knitwear and cardigans, sweatshirts and hoodies, jackets and coats, swimwear and beachwear, and lingerie and nightwear.

Take for example the Summer line-up of this category. You can get their adorable Esprit Beach Shorts in a deep blue color that is decorated with lacey patterns to give out the beach-vibe. You can also get the EDC Floaty Floral Print Dress that will suit your day activities during the Summer.

Apart from clothing, Esprit also markets shoes and accessories to go along with their collection of fashion clothing. Get yourself a pair of Glitter Stones Sunglasses because what is Summer without a pair of sunglasses that will reflect back the glorious sunrays back at the sun, right?

Esprit Mens Fashion

One of the best and most prominent fashion line in the Esprit Mens Fashion category is the suits line. Check out the Esprit Premium Wool Blend Check Blazer and you’ll know what is said here. Made from the highest quality new wool with a detachable lapel button and woven check finish, the blazer sports a cunning blue tinge that should emit both style and seriousness. Coupled with a pair of pants with similar materials, you can go out with style today while looking sleek, serious, and ultimately suave.

What’s a man without his wallet and what’s a wallet without a man styling with it? The Esprit PA/APAC FOX TRVZPA Navy Blue Wallet sports the modern metrosexual look men dream off these days. Made from 100% Polyamide, feel the smoothness a wallet that will surely smoothen your whole stylish outlook.

In-sync with the womens category, the Esprit Mens Fashion category also sports shoes and accessories. Get your wrists wrapped with the Esprit Chrono 24-Hours Anthracite Stainless Steel Wristwatch and head strong unto the modern world with style! Equipped with a stopwatch feature and a stylish and macho green lining of the inner chronographs, this a wristwatch that you have to watch out for!

Esprit Kids Fashion

Dividing the clothing items in this category into 2 other sub-categories; Baby Kids and Mini Kids. The Baby Kids items are made to cater for kids of 6-24 months while the Mini Kids items are made for kids that are aged between 2-9 years old. The items consist of plaid shirts, t-shirts, pants and shorts, jackets and sweaters, blouses, dresses, skirts.

Make Friends the Esprit Way and There’s an App Too!

Having friends might be one of Life’s greatest pleasure but if you also greatly enjoy the pleasures of shopping for fashion clothing, the Esprit Friends feature will entirely fit your needs. Being friends with a fashion clothing brand that can equip you with a shopping experience is what Esprit exactly is. Having registered as an Esprit Friend, you are open to a list of benefits and features. Some of them include:

Bonus points from purchases (retails stores/online stores)
Welcome coupon
Birthday discounts
VIP events
Free shipping at E-shop
Free alteration in retail stores
Exclusive invitation and benefits

When talking about being friends with Esprit, you can disregard your previous understanding of what “friends with benefits” and apply a new understanding of it with the benefits from being an Esprit Friend! Also, if you’re more out and about than in front of your computer, check out Esprit’s very own Esprit App and literally shop from anywhere you want! So, check out what they have in their Esprit website or download the app from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store today!