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As one of the most popular platforms for entertainment, the television is a very important appliance in the household. But without channels, the TV can quickly turn into a simple box. Read all about the hundreds of channels you can watch anywhere and anytime with Maige TV here.

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As one of the most popular platforms for entertainment, the television is a very important appliance in the household. But without channels, the TV can quickly turn into a simple box. Read all about the hundreds of channels you can watch anywhere and anytime with Maige TV here.

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Maige TV Hong Kong Coupons & Discount Codes

All About Maige TV Hong Kong – Best Set-Top Boxes in Asia

Maige TV Hong Kong provides set-top boxes with highly competitive prices. Their top boxes don’t require satellite dishes or any other additional equipment. It easily connects to the internet to find the best channels for you to watch. Maige TV initially catered only to Chinese living overseas, so they could catch up on all the local news and dramas. However, they have expanded their reach so they could cater for Korean, Japanese, British, and American audiences.

What’s a set-top box?

Set-top boxes can also be known as a set-top box unit, and sometimes casually named as a cable box. They are an appliance that will convert digital television signal to analog. This simply means It will turn an external digital signal, not compatible with TV sets, into an analog encryption that can be read by any TV. It enables your basic television set to have a user interface to the Internet (think of Netflix). This delivery is called IPTV, or Internet Protocol television. IPTV can often be divided into three kinds: live television, video on demand, and time-shifted media where TV programs can be replayed.

Maige set-top boxes all uses IPTV. Maige IPTV boxes connect to several servers all over the world, and you will be connected to nearest one based on your location. This will ensure smooth playbacks even with low internet connection speeds.

Shop for set-top boxes with Maige TV Hong Kong

Maige TV’s best selling set-top box is the HD3. The HD3 allows you to browse through 400 TV channels in the highest definition. Compare to other set-top box models, the HD3 has a brand new and improved user interface, optimized buffering and channel switching speed, upgraded hardware and firmware, 7-days playback function, multi-track live show, and the ability to switch between aspect ratios. The HD3 also has an integrated Video On Demand function that offers thousands of movies and TV shows. All the channels on the HD3 are pre-install; it will only require an internet connection for you to activate it.

Besides the set-top boxes, they also have accessories such as HDMI cables, remotes, USB Wi-Fi dongles, Ethernet adapter kit, AV cables, and power adapters that you can use with your set-top boxes.

Purchasing online on will cost less compared to buying from a reseller, as it will cost you an extra HKD 13. Seeing as you have to pay for your subscription online, it’s better to get a hold of Maige TV set-boxes from their website.

When purchasing a Maige TV, the first thing that you need to do is clock on the product and read the description and the specification. Then, add the item to your cart, checkout, submit your payment details, and enter your shipping information. If you don’t want to buy an item right away, you can add it to your wish-list by clicking the heart button.

Payment options

Maige TV offers monthly and yearly subscriptions for all their products. The type of Maige TV subscriptions and their prices are:

  • 3 months – The basic subscription plan that comes with Maige TV set boxes.
  • 6 months You can upgrade your set-box subscription by adding an extra HKD 85.
  • 1 year – Maige TV’s most economical subscription plan with the price of HKD 95 for the 12 months.

Payments can be made with either a credit card or using your Alipay account. Login with your Alipay details after being redirected to the Alipay payment page. All your personal information will be SSL-encrypted, ensuring the utmost protection of your bank details. If you wish to pay via other options, you can contact them at the email address below.

Delivery options

All purchases above USD 100 will be shipped, local or internationally, with DHL Express or FedEx within 2-7 business days after the transaction has been completed without any additional shipping fee. However, orders below USD 100 will be delivered with China Post or Hong Kong Post and will take about 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Clarifying Maige TV Myths

Over the years, there have been rumors or myths concerning Maige TV’s set-top boxes. Some of the myths are:

  • Maige TV boxes purchased from China are only for Chinese audience. This is untrue because it caters to all types of audience and the box has 4 languages installed – English, Japanese, Korean, and of course, Mandarin.
  • The Maige TV boxes only use servers in China and won’t work overseas. This is absolutely false, considering Maige TV has multiple servers located all over the world.
  • Maige TV’s boxes are not tested and can have a 40% failure rate. All products from Maige TV are produced in the same factory and are always tested before reaching the homes of the buyers. The return or failure rate is 1%, way less than the percentage the myth claims.
  • Maige TV boxes from China will only be limited to China servers only. Regardless of where you bought the box from, all Maige TV set-top boxes are the same. Even if this is true, it will cut back 90% of the factory’s revenue.

Redeeming your Maige TV coupons

Here at iPrice, we offer coupons and great discount so you can enjoy your Maige TV set-top boxes without hurting your wallet. To redeem your coupons, follow the steps below.

  1. Browse through our variety of coupons above and choose the most appealing one.
  2. Click on the Get this offer or Get coupon code button and be redirected to the Maige TV website.
  3. Redeem the code by entering it in the appropriate box and proceed with your checkout process.
  4. Wait for the shipment and enjoy your Maige TV set-top box and accessories!


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