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TransUnion is a company that specializes in credit management and also finance services. They provide consumers and businesses with a large variety of products and services to help them manage their credit and also to strategize and come up with business plans. Read more about them here or check out the best deals and discounts from TransUnion below.

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Get a Good Grip on your Finances with TransUnion Discounts, Offers, and Coupons!

TransUnion is an American credit information and information management company that provides services to over forty thousand businesses and half a billion individual consumers worldwide across 33 countries. The company began in 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, as a holding company for the Union Tank Car Company, a railroad leasing organization. TransUnion would then acquire the Credit Bureau of Cook County, where it took over the management of 3.6 million card files. They themselves would then be acquired by several groups and companies, later on, expanding and making their services more widely available.

Through the years of its growth and development, TransUnion has made adjustments and evolved its business and its services to cater to both businesses and consumers alike. There are many different products and services that TransUnion Hong Kong provides for its customers, with each one catering to a different industry or a different consumer needs. The wide range of services offered by TransUnion allows for businesses and consumers to have a one-stop solution for financial data, and even marketing services.

Business Finances

Here are some specific services and products that TransUnion Hong Kong offers for businesses:

Credit Reporting

Full complete data with positive and negative data reported, giving TransUnion members a detailed view of the consumers credit behavior and other data such as basic consumer personal information such as name and address; information about a consumer's credit repayment history from other TransUnion members; public records such as bankruptcy or litigation; and enquiry records which shows members that have accessed a consumer's credit report within last two years. Credit Reporting allows for an understanding of customer behavior for better decision-making.

Marketing Services

TransUnion provides its members with the marketing service to help them find better profitable opportunities; TransUnion does this by analyzing all sorts of data and allowing its members to access data such as credit reports and credit scores. This allows the members to better plan for their business strategies.

Risk Management

Risk Management allows for businesses to reduce their risks by further understanding the market and also any regulatory requirements. Portfolio Reviews can allow for better understanding of consumer credit standings; credit scores can help predict future consumer credit activity, and custom modeling which is basically customized business models which are tailored by TransUnion to suit your business model.

Fraud and Identity Management

Fraud prevention plans and identity management practices by TransUnion helps businesses deal with any possibilities of fraud. This can reduce losses from fraud and also react faster if there is any breach in identity information.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations from the government and law are a way of controlling and managing business and finance practices all around the world. TransUnion provides the latest regulatory information and also its fine details to their members.

Personal Finances

For consumers, TransUnion provides many services that help to manage your credit:

Credit Watch

A service suite containing Credit Reports and Credit Scores. The Credit Report gives you and TransUnion members relevant information that is provided by your credit providers which are partnered with TransUnion. This allows the companies to make better decisions and also to check on your background to approve your loans and offer you credit. SMS alerts will also be sent to you if there are any changes to your credit report.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring allows you to receive notifications if there are any changes in your credit report – it also allows you to monitor and check if there are any unauthorized changes – which might result in a fraud.

TransUnion is one of the most reliable companies out there that provides many credit information and data for all users. Its massive database and coverage in over thirty countries put it at a very valuable position for its customers.

How to subscribe to TransUnion's finance and credit services?

It's very simple! Simply head on to TransUnion Hong Kong's website and you can get started right away with their Credit Watch monthly subscription on the front page. Just click on Subscribe, and you will be brought to a form where you can fill in your personal details. Just fill up the form with your personal information such as name, address, identification number, and submit!

How to Use and Redeem your TransUnion Discounts and Offers

TransUnion relieves you of all your anxieties when it comes to your personal or business finances. The best thing about the company is that you can use coupons and offers to unlock discounts on their services. Here is how you can redeem them online:

  1. Go to the TransUnion page on iPrice or simply scroll up to see the latest coupons available.
  2. Click on the Get Coupon Code to use it. You will be rerouted to a different page where you can copy the code.*
  3. After your transaction with TransUnion, simply paste the code inside the discount box to get the discount.

*Keep in mind that there are coupons that do not require a coupon code. All you need to do is click on the Get this Offer button and the page will automatically direct you to the discount or offer.


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