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If you’ve ever wondered how you would fare as an ancient warrior leading and managing a kingdom to glory, Travian Kingdoms Hong Kong is for you. Travian Kingdoms tests your military strategy while providing hours of fun as you navigate your way through the complex difficulties of running a kingdom. Discover your inner ancient leader here.

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Manage Your Own Ancient Kingdom with Travian Kingdoms Hong Kong

The Story of Travian Games

Gerhard Müller was a university student studying chemistry at the Technical University of Munich when he first created and published the online browser game, Travian. Travian was a runaway success and so, together with his brother Siegfried, he began the company Travian Games in 2005 with the intention of developing and publishing more browser-based multiplayer games. Thus far, their catalog includes games in which the player can manage a hotel (WeWaii), a Formula 1 team (United GP), and even a football club (GoalUnited). The company’s popular multi-player empire strategy game, Travian, has since been rebranded as Travian: Legends and continues to be one of the most popular browser games in the world.

Travian Kingdoms: Build Your Own Ancient Kingdom

The screen fades from white and you are presented with three options. The Gauls are a tribe known for its strong defense, having pushed the Romans away from their borders for decades. The Romans need no extensive introduction with their impressive armor and mastery in military strategy. And last but not least are the Teutons who have burnished themselves in the annals of history as a fighting force, nearly unmatched in their aggression. You can choose to be a hero in any one of these three tribes. Once you have chosen, it is up to you to build your kingdom whether as a king or a governor. History has already decided the fates of these tribes, but with your guidance, they might find a different destiny instead.

Reasons Travian Kingdoms is Going to be Your Next Online Obsession

Revamped Artwork

The entire artwork of Travian Kingdoms boasts updated graphics to make for a more visually expansive and impressive game. While the game maintains the familiar Travian character classes, military units, and tribes, they now come with an updated look that is still a distinguishable part of the Travian universe. Your hero is now extra customizable regardless of tribe and will have detailed armor and weaponry.

A More Complex Gameplay

In most strategy games involving kingdoms, the key player is the king. With Travian Kingdoms, you are given the option of becoming a king or a governor, and both have different methods with which they control the kingdom. There is also the added role of 'duke'. A king can appoint four dukes from the selection of governors. The duke themselves have various degree of influence over the running of the kingdom and can rise through their own ranks. The duke who climbs the highest can be crowned king should the previous king abdicate.

Cinematic Soundtrack

Travian Kingdoms boasts its own soundtrack, which is a first for any Travian game. The soundtrack is composed by industry veteran, Campbell Askew, who has worked on games like Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and even won an Emmy for his work on HBO’s Band of Brothers TV series. So alongside the complex gameplay, players can enjoy a cinematic soundtrack that will bring out the drama of managing an ancient kingdom. You can also expect a more immersive experience with the enhanced background sound effects within the game.

The Travian Community

Join one of the largest gaming communities for multi-player browser strategy games online and discuss diplomatic borders, new gameplay, and strategy. Since its inception, Travian Kingdom has added three servers (RU2, FR1, CZ1) so you can be sure that you’ll be joining a thriving community of kingdom builders.

How to Use iPrice Hong Kong vouchers on Travian Kingdoms

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How to Get Started with Travian Kingdoms Hong Kong

  1. When the Travian Kingdom homepage finishes loading, click ‘Start Game’ and choose one of the three tribes: Gaul, Roman, or Teuton.
  2. A non-playable character will pop up asking for your name. Fill in your chosen unique username.
  3. A robber will try to attack the settlement. Click anywhere on the screen to continue the story.
  4. To get started in the game, you will be required to save the settlement from wild robbers. Arrows will pop up showing you where to click and how the game is set up.
  5. After you have helped defend the village from the robbers, another non-playable character will approach you and ask to paint your portrait. At this point, you will be allowed to customize your character.
  6. Once you are satisfied with how your character looks, click ‘Save Changes’.
  7. You will then be given the option of playing as a ‘king’ or a ‘governor’.
  8. Hover your cursor over each description to get further explanations about the role.
  9. After you have made your choice and finalized your character options, a pop-up will appear asking you to sign up an account with Travian Games so that your changes will be saved.
  10. You can create a unique account or use your Facebook, Google, or VK account to register with Travian Games.
  11. Enjoy building your ancient kingdom, whether as a Gaul, Roman, or Teuton. Remember that the fate of their kingdom lies in your hands.

Note: Everytime the game freezes, feel free to refresh your browser. The game will return you to your last starting point.