Sounds like you need new headphones! Creative Labs offer the best quality headphones, external and internal audio interfaces and portable speakers for your gaming rigs and entertainment systems. Read more about Creative in Hong Kong here below to find out.

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Top Creative Products that Transform Your Audio Experience

Creative audio and Hi-fi products have long been regarded as one of the finest in the market. Thanks to its commitment, Creative continues to design and develop a wide range of specialized audio products. From speakers to gaming headsets, Creative has everything to satisfy your deepest audio cravings. Here are some of the best Creative products that will transform your entire audio experience.


A nod to the legacy of Creative Roar speakers, theaward-winning CreativeiRoarGo is a testament to Creative engineers'relentless pursuit for innovation. Developed to break boundaries and push the limits, CreativeiRoarGo lives up to its reputation. With its powerful 5-driver design and bi-amp system, it delivers authentic audio quality. It is impressive when you consider the factthat all these incredible audio components have been packed into the smallest acoustic chamber without compromising its signature audio performance. This Creative speaker strikes the right balance between portability and great audio.

Thanks toSuperWidetechnology, you can enjoyyouraudio with great depth and detail. From its small size, you will not be able to believe that it is capable of delivering a wide sound stage.Like its bigger counterparts, it has wireless capabilities. In addition, it can function asa built-in MP3/FLAC player, voice recorder, Bluetooth speakerphone, an external USB Sound Blaster sound card and a batterybank. Incredibly,CreativeiRoarGois 25% lighter and 40% smaller than CreativeiRoar.

Rated as IPX6 rating,CreativeiRoarGois a water-resistant design that does not let any spills or splashes to ruin your enjoyment. There is also an app that enables you to customize the audio according to your preference.With a simple user interface,CreativeiRoarGois simple to operate. When you take a look at its awesome capabilities,CreativeiRoarGodefinitely sets a benchmark forotherspeaker designs to follow.


Featuring powerful 50mm Neodymium drivers, NFC, Bluetooth 3.0, Tri-Mode ANC technology, and CreativeShareMe, CreativeAurvanaPlatinum is an amazing over-the-earheadsetfrom Creative. As the flagship model, it carries powerful features that can boost your listening experience to the next level. Framed in a simple yet sophisticated design,CreativeAurvanaPlatinumincorporates comfortable premium memory foam ear padding that provides comfort to your ears, especially during long hours of extended wear.

Integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC), you can wirelessly connect to compatible smartphones or tablets easily simply by tapping your smart device on theheadset.CreativeAurvanaPlatinumemploys high-definition audio support withaptXand AAC to ensure the best wireless audio performance from a Bluetooth-enabled device. It is incredible thatCreativeAurvanaPlatinumcan offer top playback quality without the wires. As it utilizesFastStreamtechnology, it allows for low latency, bi-directional audio streaming and voice communication with the Creative BT-W2 USBtransceiver device.

The headset's advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature employs the use of four dedicated microphones and noise reduction controllers to eliminate the ambient noise by up to 90%. Through thisway,you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing one of three optimized levels of noise reduction with the Tri-Mode ANC selector: for airplane, indoor or outdoor use.This Creative headset gives you the freedom and flexibility of managing your way on your own terms.The convenient on-ear music and call controls allow you to adjust the volume or switch between calls and music with ease.CreativeAurvanaPlatinumis well-crafted headset that is packed with exciting features.

Creative SoundBlasterXH7 Tournament Edition

Built exclusively for serious gamers,Creative SoundBlasterXH7 Tournament Editiongaming headset gives you an extra edge when it comes to competitive gaming.Engineered as the world's first true competitive gaming headset,Creative SoundBlasterXH7 Tournament Edition features dual sound signature that give you control of the realism of your entertainment. No matter what your entertainment is, you can choose between the Analog mode and digital USB mode. As for the Analog mode, it is designed to replicate the original signature of your audio.

When connected via USB mode, you will have the choice of selectingBlasterXAcoustic Engine profiles to improve the overall immersion. If you prefer a more personalized approach, you can opt for X-Plus Mode which is designed with specially-tuned audio profiles for popular competitive games.X-Plus is specifically developed with pro-gaming requirements. As you choose its configuration, it can relegatenon-critical audio cues specific to most popular competitive games. It bumps up the key audio cues forfurther gaming advantages.

Sleek and lightweight, this Creative gaming headset boasts superior comfort and ergonomics for you to wear all day without feeling exhausted.Creative SoundBlasterXH7 Tournament Editionuses large, responsive 50mmFullSpectrumdrivers that deliver astounding sound quality. These improved drivers are rated at 118dB/mWand they have been tuned for clearer, more accurate, and louder sound reproduction. Now, you canexperience every bone-shattering explosion and the rattle of gunfire as you get immersed in your favorite games. From impressive audio quality to wonderful headset design,Creative SoundBlasterXH7 Tournament Editionis perfect headset to experience your games like never before.