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Light up your world with Cree portable lighting in Hong Kong

What do you do when it gets dark? Turn on the lights of course! What happens when there’s no light anywhere? You pull out your Cree lights! Cree is the name to think of when the lights go out. End your search for the perfect flashlight with Cree lights. Whether you’re lighting up the room during a blackout or looking at the insides of your car’s engine, Cree lights show you where to look. Cree lights come in all shapes and sizes. Before we look into what Cree lights are all about, let us at iprice give you a headstart to how you could get the best Cree lighting in Hong Kong. Browse the products above or find out more with the links below.

Cree’s rich history

Cree as a company stands for much more than just lighting. The rise to fame was not instant, but the company does have a strong base. Cree’s technology starts with silicon carbide (SiC) – the key to high efficiency semiconductors. With the added technology of LED lighting, Cree lights the way in clean energy and environmentally friendly illumination. Cree’s story began in 1989 with the first batch of LED lights and has developed by leaps and bounds. Through acquisition of a few companies, Cree brought the company up to its current glory. Still going strong, Cree has made a name for itself all over the world. Here in Hong Kong, Cree is becoming exceptionally popular with the introduction of energy-saving bulbs.

Cree’s place in Hong Kong

Hong Kong tends to have blackouts. Power failures are not surprising both in the daytime and night. But if you find yourself in a blackout at night, whip out your Cree illuminators and get going! The basics of Cree illuminators starts with Cree flashlights. Check out Cree home & living page to find the biggest selection of Cree hand-held flashlights. Every piece of lighting you need for an emergency is there.

Hiking at twilight? No problem! With Cree lighting, you get wearable illuminators to show you the way. As many hiking hotspots require an early start, avid hikers tend to go in the wee hours of the morning. Cree headlamps are a favourite for these excursions into the outdoors. Some Cree headlamps and flashlights you might consider are as follows:

  • Cree 2200lm Rechargeable LED Headlight
  • Cree XM-L T6 LED 1600lm 3-Mode Outdoor Waterproof Headlamps
  • Cree LED Q5 FlashLight
  • CREE XP-E Q5 1 LED 600LM 3 Modes 7W Zoom LED Flashlight
  • Cree SK68 CREE Q5 3W 1-Mode Zoom LED Flashlight Torch White Light
  • Cree C3 270lm White Flashlight

Cree also has lights for bike and bicycles. You can find them among the Cree automotive products. Many of Cree’s lights are waterproof and durable. Give them tough loving and you’ll find that Cree lives up to its name. Don’t worry about parts though as Cree gives you a limited warranty for each product. Step on in to the world of Cree and let iprice introduce you to only the best lighting tools in Hong Kong. Read more to find out what products are the favourite.

Cree products you must have from iprice

To suit your home, most Cree lighting equipment are manufactured with either White, Red or Green. Surprisingly, you can get discounts of up to 70% when purchasing Cree Home & Living online! You can find popular Cree Home & Living, such as XM-L2 T6 1 LED 1200LM 5-Mode Waterproof Zoom LED Flashlight Stretchable Mini Torches, NEW-C3 270lm White Flashlight Black (1 x AA / 14500) and Q5 3-Mode 1000LM 7W Zoom Waterproof LED Flashlight Flashlights & Torches. Looking for a Cree Home & Living? Find good ones not only from Cree Home & Living but also from Panasonic, Sharp and Elba. Can you believe they are only RM 18.00 - RM 463.00 for Cree Home & Living on iprice? Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose between Home Improvement and Lighting.