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Creer Beaute Makeup 產品 for Women 香港

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Creer Beaute Versailles Oscar Mascara & Eyeliner Set: Mascara 8g + Eyeliner 0.4ml 2 pcs
HK$ 180.00

Brand from Japan: Creer Beaute. Ultra-profit limited quantity trial set of newly released mascara and liquid eyeliner won 3 crowns at various reviews sites. Oscar Film & Long Mascara (Mannish Black) 8g x 1: Long and film type mascara Extreme to finish the eyelashes gently. Long & Film type with two kinds of fibers sticking to eyelashes 360 degrees. Two types of fibers with different lengths. Skillfully entangled with short eyelashes, the longer the rush effect increases as you overlap. Eye lashes from all directions, easy to handle slim straight brush. A slim straight brush that is easy to use for everyone, with difficulty in getting liquid pool causing dama. Approach without overfilling from the inner corner of the eyes. Easy off with eyelash-friendly hot water. A film type that is less apt to bleed in time. It is safe in the morning with a quick dry finish, makeup quickly. Strong against water, sweat, and sebum, it is easy to turn off with hot water. Make on & off, both times will be shortened. Cool nuance sparkling manish black, it will add depth to your makeup. Oscar Liquid Eyeliner (Super Black) 0.4ml x 1: Strength and shine in your eyes. Super water proof power up. In the new prescription of the original rose of Versailles, it is more resistant to sweat, water, sebum, not blush. Since it is a film type that does not use dye, it is hard to become a panda eye, and it can be turned off with hot water. Moisturizing power up with 15 kinds of beauty ingredients. Give moisture to the eyes with 15 types of beauty ingredient formulation including vegetable oil color moisturizing ingredients. Easy to draw with exquisite elasticity 0.1 mm microfine brush power up. With 0.1mm microfine brush you can draw neatly to the wrinkle of the corner of the eye. It is easy to draw with difficulty hand shake with a brush with exquisite flexibility and elasticity. How to use: Mascara: Fix the brush firmly on the base of the eyelashes and fix it for 1-2 seconds to lift the eyelashes. It will tie up the fibers until they are tangled. Eyeliner: Draw a thin line so as to carefully fill in the gap of the eyelashes. When you want to emphasize the eyes further, jump up a little to the extent that it spreads out from the outer corner of the eyes and also put the line on the lower eyelid.

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