Dabuwawa Hong Kong excels in fashion with soft lines that brings out graceful femininity no matter the occasion. To find out more about this fashion brand from Japan, click here.

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Dabuwawa Hong Kong - More Than Just a Funny-Sounding Name

Dabuwawa is a Japanese fashion brand for ladies created by a lady called Yuki. A self-taught fashion designer, Yuki has been studying fabric and colours from fashion books since she was a child. She came up with Dabuwawa because she wanted to share her own concept of femininity. Plucking the name of the brand from one of her favourite fairy tales, Yuki has filled Dabuwawa with interesting ornate styles that involve bright colours, elegant lace, and trendy floral prints. Today, Dabuwawa’s clothing can be seen in major Japanese fashion magazines and on women who know how to flaunt their femininity.

The Allure of Japanese Fashion

Japanese women more often than not tend to be passionate about fashion. This is because they use fashion to express who they are; so much so that this preference has its own word in Japanese: shifuku. In order to answer this passion for fashion, Japanese fashion retailers, like Dabuwawa, have had to be inventive, colourful, and different.

Standing Out with Dabuwawa Hong Kong

Dabuwawa plays with colours, patterns and materials. It mixes and matches them, but the outcome is always balanced to achieve a cohesive look. As a result, Dabuwawa exudes a different, yet attractive vibe that is not obvious upon first glance but definitely tangible when put on.

How to Pick Dabuwawa Clothing to Turn Heads in the Hong Kong

Three things to consider when picking out an outfit are time, place, and occasion. Usually, when someone commits a fashion faux pas, it is because they forgot to consider one of these factors. Play around with some feminine Dabuwawa items to find the perfect eye-catching outfit for any time, place, and occasion.

Picnic in the Park

When you are out of doors for a relaxing time with friends, go with something that will allow you to move freely like a Dabuwawa print dress with an off-shoulder cut if it’s a sunny day. If the weather is turning for the worse, pair the dress with a Dabuwawa cardigan to keep the chill away.

Office Meeting

Officewear for women tend to be a rip-off of those for men, but there is no reason one cannot be fashionable in a board room. Try one of the Dabuwawa blouses with a ruffled, pencil skirt and set a trend even when presenting those slides.

A Day in the Studio

Days at the studio can be tiring, whether painting, drawing, or adjusting the light for a perfect studio. Wear something loose and breathable like a Dabuwawa t-shirt with cartoon prints and a pair of Dabuwawa shorts. Then grab a cup of coffee and you’re good to go.

Jazz Club Concert

Jazz clubs have dim lighting and the music lulls everyone into an easy stupor. Shock them all awake with a stunning Dabuwawa cocktail dress and have people lining up to buy you drinks. At the end of the night, choose one of them to fetch your deep green, A-line Dabuwawa coat from the rack so you can make an exit as fabulous as your entrance.