Daiso is your one-stop budget shopping destination. With an extensive inventory of products across multiple categories that are sold at the same price, Daiso has become a household name as a provider of affordable yet reliable products. Learn more about Daiso HK below.


Daiso Hong Kong – Your All-in-One Budget Shopping Platform

Daiso has always provided quality products at reasonable prices to its customers. Although it is often known as “the Japanese dollar store”, Daiso provides Hong Kongers with numerous value-for-money products so that they can shop without spending excessively.

Daiso has a range of over 70, 000 products in its inventory where the majority of the products are household items like kitchenware and cleaning products. Almost all the products in the company’s inventory are produced in-house with excellent quality and design.

Daiso Hong Kong’s Business Concept

To ensure that it provides the best for its consumers, Daiso emphasises on three core values when manufacturing their products – quality, variety, and uniqueness. By emphasising these three values, Daiso ensures that it remains ahead of its competitors.

  • Quality – Daiso generates the “wow” factor with the quality of its products as it proves that products that are sold cheaply can also be of high quality.
  • Variety – The variety of products offered by the store is also one of the primary reasons why customers keep coming back to Daiso.
  • Uniqueness – It is easy to distinguish Daiso’s products from those that are not. Daiso always comes out with fresh new ideas that make it stand out from its rivals.

Type of Products Sold by Daiso

  • Stationery – Daiso focuses on design, colour, and function to ensure that their stationery products are well-accepted by consumers.
  • Health and Beauty – Daiso has a generous number of high-quality hygiene and healthcare goods to maintain your health.
  • Japanese Traditional Products and Snacks – Take a glimpse into the Japanese culture as it sells a wide variety of Japanese products from folk craft toys, origami paper, small obento items, and other traditional goods.
  • Kitchen and Dining – The store offers a wide array of useful, unique, and top-quality culinary tools that are reasonably priced so that you can purchase them without breaking the bank.