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Simplicity is the best and you would have heard this probably a million times. You could just transform a simple outfit to an elegant one with just one beautiful piece of accessory. Where can you find such accessory that could light up your entire day? It would be none other than Dandelion as it promises a twist of surprise and elegance to your daily outfit.

Dandelion Hong Kong Prices

Dandelion has a wide collection of accessories that can just blow your mind off. From jewelry, sunglasses, belts, scarves to hair accessories, each piece is made with a uniqueness that separates you from the rest of the crowd. Even though the quality and the effect of Dandelion accessories are simply magnificent on you, they are still affordable by everyone. The pricing ranges from RM 13.90 onwards.

About Dandelion

Dandelion is a local Malaysia brand that manufactures accessories for women of all age. The accessories such as scarves, belts, sunglasses and many more have gained a wide popularity among the women today. As Dandelion progressed as one of the well-established company in the business world today, it continued its diligent effort into producing sunglasses for men as well. This was indeed proved to be a good idea as now Dandelion is a well-known brand among the men today. The accessories here are made in such a way to portray us in a simple yet elegant with a touch of a magic and the magic is simply called Dandelion.

Dandelion Social Media

Many brands out there have used the aid of social media to promote their brands. This is one good way to expose the brand globally. Social media is somehow fused into our daily routine as we would check our newsfeed at least once in a day and learn about many new things. That is why Dandelion does not want to miss this chance.