Affordable, simple, minimalistic, and exceptional; if you need to describe Daniel Wellington in four words, those are the most fitting. This Swedish watch brands offer its customer the option to interchange their watch straps, personalizing it based on your preferences. The article here lets you know what kind of bands are available and how to take care of these Daniel Wellington straps.

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Personalize Your Watches with the Interchangeable Daniel Wellington Watch Straps

Wearing a set of watches with the same bands can be boring at times. However, with Daniel Wellington straps, you can interchange them according to your preference or to the type of event you’re about to attend. Daniel Wellington has an array of NATO and leather watch straps in various colors to complement your clean and minimal Daniel Wellington watch.

Daniel Wellington NATO Strap

NATO straps were originally commissioned by the British Ministry of Defense in 1973 and was named as such after the way it was coded and cataloged. The NATO strap is suitable for those with skin allergies or severe reactions to metal bands. Daniel Wellington offers stripes and solid-colored NATO straps that can match with any watches from their collections.

NATO straps are often worn casually but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them to formal events. To wear your Daniel Wellington watch with the NATO band, perhaps pick a solid-colored strap like the Black Cornwall strap. This is so that you can easily match your watch with your suits or cocktail dresses.

Daniel Wellington Leather Strap

The Daniel Wellington leather strap is a must-have if you prefer that classic dress watch look. They also can be worn casually or formally and because of its versatility, the leather watch strap is one of Daniel Wellington’s customers’ top favorite items.

Daniel Wellington’s leather watch straps also comes in various colors and design. The York strap, for example, has a perforated border on its brown leather material complete with a gold buckle. For something more simple, you can opt for the St. Mawes or the Sheffield leather watch strap.

How to take care of your Daniel Wellington leather straps

Leather watch straps tend to be fragile especially if bent too hard. It can cause creases along the edges and sometimes, it can even peel. To make sure you take a proper care of your Daniel Wellington leather watch strap, keep it away from water or humidity. Always take off your watch before doing any water activities or showering. Avoid from spraying perfume or cologne on the leather watch strap directly and always remove the watch before doing any rigorous housework or any activities that can cause friction between the leather strap and other surfaces.

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