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DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume Bodysuit with Cape They'd Better RecognizeDon't you think it's strange that people don't know that you're a superhero when you're just walking around on the street? You'd think it was obvious. You've got the confidence, the capability, and the attitude. So, those everyday strangers on the street should probably serve up some respect. But hey, it's a busy world. There are a lot of distractions. With cell phones, traffic, and cute dogs on the street it can be hard to read between the lines and notice a person with some seriously heroic traits when they're not wearing their personality on their sleeves. If you're ready to come out as a superhero, you'll love this fun and comfortable bodysuit with a detachable cape. Fun DetailsThis bodysuit wears well as a costume or as a staple for streetwear. It has Wonder Woman's bodice design printed on a dark blue background. The scooped neckline looks cute when layered under jeans or leggings. The cape attaches to the bodice with hook and loop touch strips on the shoulders so you can choose whether to wear the cape or not minute by minute. Neither god nor manWonder Woman can stand up to anyone. Whether she's facing down a high-ranking German official who's on some seriously weird steroids or an ancient god of war who's been waiting to take down the whole human race. She's not afraid of failure, she just does what she needs to do! And yes, sometimes she can be a little full of herself but wouldn't you be proud if you were Zeus's last living child and trained with the Amazons your whole life? Now, you can feel that pride. We're excited to see all the ways this piece can be worn. Loving your look? Post a photo as a review. After all, you deserve to flaunt your heroic side!
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