The most influential brand in extreme sports, DC shoes Hong Kong brings you their exciting array of skate shoes, apparel, and accessories! From skateboarding to snowboarding, you can only expect great performance and style from DC. Read more about DC Shoe Co in Hong Kong below or check out their products now!

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DC Shoe Co Hong Kong - Your Daily Dose of Extreme Sports

The brand behind the biggest name in skateboarding and snowboarding, DC Shoe Co Hong Kong is one of the most influential extreme sports brand of today. Creating products to boost your performance on and off the board, the brand takes you on another level of material technology. From top to bottom, DC Shoe Co provides you with everything you need for an exhilirating ride.

About DC Shoes Hong Kong

Based in Huntington Beach, California, DC Shoe Co has been making a difference in the board-riding scene since 1993. Established by American designer Damon Way and professional rally driver Kenneth “Ken” Block, DC was an acronym for “Droors Clothing” but was later renamed to DC Shoes Inc. In 2004, DC was acquired by Quiksilver and moved from their original location in Vista, California to Huntington Beach. Seven years after the Quicksilver acquisition, the brand reinvented itself with a new logo and the inclusion of a new skateboarding team, to which the brand is most popular.

DC Skateboarding

When you talk about extreme sports, the first thing that comes to mind is skateboarding. DC Shoe Co has always been involved in skateboarding since the day it was founded. Co-founder Damon Way is brother to professional skateboarder Danny Way, and the original clothing line Droors Clothing was initially marketed to skateboarders. Today, DC is known for their strong skateboarding team which comprises of skate legend Rob Dyrdrek, Mike Mo, Mikey Taylor, and Nyjah Huston to name a few.

DC Snowboarding

Closely related to skateboarding is DC Shoe Co Snowboarding. Though not as popular as the former, DC snowboarding is a powerhouse competitor especially when they got Torstein Horgmo, Travis Rice, Devun Walsh, Ikka Backstorm, Justin Fronius, and Anto Chamberland on the team. Moreover, DC snowboarding not only provides snowboards, the brand also offers snow jackets, snowboard boots, snow pants, hoodies, hats, and so much more!

Professional Skateboarders with DC Shoes

Rob Dyrdrek

Best known for his reality tv shows namely Rob and Big, Rob Dyrdrek’s Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness, Rob is named as the most influential skateboarder in history by FoxWeekly. He started skating when he was 11, turned professional at the age of 16, and now has become a powerful name in the industry. On top of that, also holds several world records to his name including the longest 50-50 on a rail, longest board slide, the highest skateboard ramp jump on water, and the farthest reverse ramp jump by car.

Danny Way

Brother to DC Shoe Co founder Damon Way, Danny Way had a rough childhood but eventually found his way in skateboarding through his step father. At the age of 11, he won his first skateboarding competition and five years later, he became Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” which he will again claim 13 years later in 2004. Like Dyrdrek, Danny Way is also a Guiness Book of World Record Holder for the “Biggest Air”, world record for the “long distance jump”, and being the first ever skateboarder to jump over the Great Wall of China.

Mike Mo Capaldi

Best known for his part in Forecast, produced by fellow skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, Mike “Mo” Capaldi is a phenomenal skateboarder with a penchant for creativity. His most prominent trick which was featured in Berrics was a transition with a 360 flip or tre-flip on switch which is opposite to his regular-footed stance. Mike Mo is a well-recognized name in the skateboarding industry, making DC Shoe Co a powerful team.

Mikey Taylor

Professional skateboarder and part of the DC team, Mikey Taylor is an enigma with powerful tricks earning him a segment in the Berrics called Mikey Days which details his skate adventures along with other skateboarders. He had also won five Street League titles which is one of the most sought-after competitions in skateboarding.

Nyjah Huston

Revered as one of the most prolific professional skateboarder, Nyjah Huston is a a five-time Street League champion and one of the highest paid skateboarder today. Nyjah started skating when he was just four years old in Puerto Rico. By the age of 16, he was signed with Element skateboards as an amateur, and later parted ways with element to establish his own skate brand I&I skateboards. After two years, he went back to Element with a new video Rise & Shine in 2011 which forever changed the course of his skateboarding career.

Josh Kalis

Representing street skateboarding and co-founder of DGK, Josh Kalis is a prominent skateboarder known for his involvement with conserving the LOVE park in Philadelphia during the late 90s. Like Dyrdrek, Josh Kalis has been a long-time DC Shoe Co rider, taking part in as many as 14 videos in his entire career.

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If you are a fan of skateboarding, snowboarding, or any form of extreme sports, then you would love DC Shoe Co and their exciting array of products from apparel, shoes, and accessories. Take a peek at DC Shoe Co products here or browse for more equipment from other brands such as Roxy, Quiksilver, Nike, Adidas, and so much more!