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Dell Hong Kong - Your Trusted Brand

One of the largest computer technology companies in the world, Dell is well known for its innovative approach when it comes to delivering what its customers want. Dell is the go-to brand for many people because of its wide array of quality products that range from laptops and desktops to printers and other computer accessories.

For All Your Business and Home Needs

Dell is mostly known for its wide range of laptops and desktops that come with different specifications and pricings to match the varying needs of their consumers. Among the lines of Dell computer systems that would be ideal for business-related use would be Dimension (home desktop computer), Latitude (business-focused notebooks), Vostro (office/small business computer systems), and so much more. These laptops and desktops place more emphasis on reliability, serviceability and long lifespans. While Dell’s Inspiron (budget computer systems), XPS (high-end computer systems), Alienware (gaming systems) and Venue (tablets) are created more for consumer usage and place more importance on performance as well as expandability.

Dell Hong Kong Brings The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Similar to its wide range of laptops and desktops, Dell’s monitors come in a variety of sizes and display types that would enhance your computer experience. Like Dell’s computer systems, Dell’s monitors are among the most sought after in the market because of its crisp graphics and vivid colours that would give you the best viewing experience while you work and play. For a futuristic feel, opt for Dell’s Touch Monitors that offer an interactive touch experience.

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Gaming enthusiasts would not fail to recognize an Alienware product from afar. From gaming laptops and PCs to powerful business and home desktops, the Dell brand runs heel-to-heel with powerhouses like Lenovo and HP. While not entirely selling just laptops and PCs, Dell also provides HDTVs, peripherals, servers, data storage devices, network switches, cameras, printers, and MP3 Players. The Dell brand is racing against rivals in being the most innovative and most progressive in terms of technological advancements. Check out their products down below.

Enjoy a realistic pen on paper experience while writing on a high resolution tablet or notebook screen with the Dell Active Pen. Whether you're taking notes, creating artwork or checking your email, this pen provides a natural writing feel and quick, effortless interaction with your screen. Your overall productivity will benefit thanks to the high performance features of the Dell Active Pen. With quick launch, one click opens OneNote, even with system locked, for note-taking (but does not unlock the system). Two clicks (with system unlocked) takes a screen shot and pastes into OneNote. The Active Pen is designed to work flawlessly with Windows 10 programs and will make daily tasks easier on your Dell 2-in-1 tablet. Designed with technology from Wacom, a global leader in digital interface technologies, the Dell Active Pen offers high precision and accuracy, sensing 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Draw straight or curved lines and detailed small letters (3mm) without the hassle of distortion or smudging. With palm rejection, you won't have to worry about potential errors caused by your palm resting on the tablet. Draw lines that vary from thick to thin and dark to light, for richer graphical expression, as the Active Pen senses the pressure on the tip. The Active Pen rests easily in your hand, thanks to weighted hand balancing and a design that takes your comfort into account. Plus, the small size and convenient pen clip make the Active Pen your essential, grab-and-go accessory. The Dell Active Pen is compatible with select Dell branded notebooks and tablets. The Active Pen also has an LED light to show pairing status-blinking to show pairing mode and shining solid when pairing is complete. Read more
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A Delirious Tale Of Dell Hong Kong

Having to derive its name from its founder, Michael Dell, the company notes being one of the largest technological corporations in the world. Ranking the third largest PC vendor in the world, after Lenovo and HP, Dell is most known for its direct-sales model and its ‘build-to-order’ or ‘configure to order’ approach to manufacturing—delivering individual PCs configured to customer specifications.

Dell started business being known as PC’s Limited in 1984. In a dorm-room headquarters, Michael sold IBM PC-compatible computers built from stock components. After dropping out of college, Michael got a $1000 expansion-capital from his family to focus full-time on his fledgling business. The company’s first computer produced was the Turbo PC which started the profit that grossed to more than $73 million in its first year of operation.

In 1987, Michael decided to drop the PC’s Limited name and renamed it to Dell Computer Corporation and began its venture into the global markets. As the company grew, Fortune magazine included Dell Computer Corporation in the list of the world’s 500 largest companies and naming Micahel Dell the youngest CEO ever.

The company began to expand beyond selling laptops and computers by going into the market of servers, starting with the low-end servers in the mid-1990s. In 2002, the product line of Dell expanded to include televisions, handhelds, digital audio players, and printers. The next year, Dell Computer Corporation was changed into Dell Inc. to incorporate the company expanding into markets other than laptops and computers.

As the company grew, it loosened its ties to Microsoft and Intel, the two companies responsible for the company’s rise to success in the PC business, and acquired Alienware. This resulted in Dell having a new items to be added in its line-up, which includes AMD microprocessors. Though, Dell runs Alienware as a separate business entity but is considered as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Now, Dell produces high-end laptops and computers along with other products the complement their initial business products and with Alienware laptops and PCs, the company is expected to stay in the running for the top electronics vendor in the world.

Top Dell Hong Kong Products

Dell sells its laptops and PCs in two different market segments; the Business/Corporate Class and the Home Office/Consumer Class. The most famous products include its productions of Vostro, Latitude, Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware with Dell XPS 13 winning second Best category in the Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015 scoring 77 points out of 100. The Alienware product line-up is considered a consumer favourite amongst the gaming community and the Alienware 15 scored a 4/5 in pcmag.com alongside sister products like Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series and Dell Inspiron 14.

Partnering With Other Technological Giants

Currently, Dell Inc. is partners with a number of other companies in effort to achieve mutual success and profit. The most prominent ones include Citrix, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, redhat, and SAP. Dell Inc. also have other Alliance partners like bmc and BROCADE. Furthermore, in effort to secure strategic prowess over competitive companies, Dell Inc. chose SanDisk as a strategic partner.

Dell’s partnership with EMC Corporation boasts EMC products that Dell supports. These focus on midrange storage systems like fibre channel and iSCSI storage are networks. Most recently, Dell plans to expand its product line by including the EMC Celerra NX4 storage system and also working on a new line of de-duplication products as part of its TierDisk family of data-storage devices. Though signing a contract of 10 years, Dell decided to end the relationship 2 years early in 2011.

Not being the only PC vendor in the world, Dell Inc. would surely have competitors. Powerhouses like Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, IBM, MSi, Samsung, and Apple are all in the same race against each other to be #1.

Amazing Products That You Can Get From Dell Hong Kong

In collaboration with Google, Dell Inc. is currently marketing the Dell Chromebook 13—the first of its kind that is being pitched at professionals. It boasted features like Dell KACE, an inventory management and service desk support and Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect (VPN) app.

Dell’s legendary beast, the Alienware 18, one of the most powerful gaming notebooks ever created, was scheduled to make a return. The Alienware 18 comes with either a dual NVIDIA 970M GPU’s or dual NVIDIA 980M GPU’s projected on a brilliant 18-inch display, powered by an overclocked and upgradable socketed CPU, backed-up with up to 32GBs of RAMM, and with a storage space spread through 4 hard drives, packed neatly into one of the most iconic notebook designs on the market, it is a majestic beauty.

Dell Hong Kong - Promising Great Experience

With an array of high-end laptops and PCs with peripherals that complement the full functionality of advanced technology, Dell is a promising brand that will always keep itself in the running to provide customers innovative design and function in every of their product. Here at iprice, you can check out what is in store and you can enjoy the great discounts and promotions too! Happy shopping!

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