50M Minty Dental Floss Between Teeth Cleaner Waxed Prevent Gum Disease Refresh Breath Oral Care Features: 1. Built in 50 meters of bare wire, micro wax, mint, flat wire, implication of advanced science and technology content; using sterile operation, ultraviolet sterilization process, ensure that the use of security products. 2. The product is stored in hard plastic box clean, sanitary packaging. 3. The company production of dental floss thickness uniform, clean, smooth and flexible. No hair, no wire, no wax off, no visible impurities; can effectively prevent and treat toothache. 4. The material is nylon line. 5. This product adopts the method of winding bobbin hive, appearance, packaging box design ingenious, sanitation, and convenient carrying and use, as the daily necessities of the art. Health beautiful teeth, lasting brilliant smile. Description: Item Type: Dental Floss Material:Nylon Flavor: Minty Material: Polyester Length: 50m/roll Color: Sent Randomly with Same Function Package Included: 1 X Roll Dental Floss Using Directions: .Pull out around 45cm(18iches)of floss and break off with cutter. .Wind ends of floss around the middle finger of each hand,leaving about 10cm(4inches)pf floss between them,then tighten with thumb and forefinger .Gently slide floss between teeth and under the gum line .curving floss around the tooth ,use an up-and-down motion to remove plaque and debris .Repeat between all teeth contacts, advancing floss to a clean section each time. HK$ 23.67

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Flosses Hong Kong

Besides that, you can also get Flosses in different colors like White, Green and Black.  Get ready to snatch a good deal of up to 52% off on Flosses in Hong Kong.  A lot of people love the Vegan Dental Floss, Dr. Mercola Premium Dental Care Dental Floss 100% Vegan-Waxed 100 yds (91.44 m) and Dental Floss As Shown In Figure One Size when it comes to Flosses in Hong Kong.  You can buy Flosses from famous brands such as Newfrog, Sunstar and Annecy in Hong Kong. For a minimum cost of HK$ 16.00 to HK$ 394.00, you can get the best Flosses in Hong Kong.