Everyone needs a little fun and funk in their wardrobe, so that you can express your joyful and splendid mood with colourful clothing. Desigual is the perfect brand that offers an eclectic mix of knits sewn together in patterns/patchwork, silk screening, embroidery and utilises matching colour palettes to create pieces of ready-to-wear art pieces. Browse through the iprice online store gallery for Desigual fashion and be inspired by these colourful clothing.


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Mood elevating, unique and flattering Desigual clothing will be the perfect fashion statement

Looking for a fashion statement piece that will catch the eyes of others? Desigual clothing will definitely help you get the attention that you want with the brand’s colourful, zany and eccentric designs. Dress up in bright colours, beautifully mismatched patterns and abstract designs that will compliment your daring taste and great curves.

A brand that appreciates individual uniqueness — Desigual to desigualize you

Thomas Meyer was the one that had a vision to dress people differently. The then 20-year-old Swedish guy wanted to bring out the positive feelings of people by dressing people and not bodies. So in 1984, the fashion label Desigual was created based on six main values.

  • Fun
  • Innovation
  • Constant Improvement
  • Positivism
  • Tolerance
  • Commitment

This Barcelona-based brand, is currently creating phenomenal growth and success across international borders (with a presence in over 72 countries). It is the optimistic and quirky designs as well as Desigual’s free spirit that have captured the hearts of many people. Furthermore, Desigual clothing are made with high quality garments that will always keep their loyal customers coming back for more!

Notice the inverted ‘S’ of the Desigual logo? Curious to know the meaning behind it? Apparently, the inverted ‘S’ inspires spontaneous, unplanned creations as well as positive feelings (we don’t really plan on when we’re gonna laugh out loud right?). This unconventional ‘S’ is also linked to have an unstructured approach to life, everyone should see things from new angles every day and break conventions. Desigual always aims to bring out the brighter side of life through its fashion pieces and inspire its wearers to also embrace the adventurous spirit!

There are no plain and boring clothes at Desigual

Nothing is plain or boring in Desigual’s product offerings. With just a quick browse through the Desigual items offered at iprice Malaysia, you will find that each and every product has either a special type of pattern, or a pretty floral pattern, or splashes of colours, or prints with geometrical shapes that will capture your attention. Desigual designers always makes sure to add a twist to their designs to enhance that single piece of clothing, making it an infinite focal point. The best part is: you can mix and match with other clothing that are currently hanging in your wardrobe to pull off a chic and funky look.

Desigual clothes cutting also offers a better fit as compared to other brands, as it offers a wider range of sizes for petite to curvy people, from XS to XXL. Desigual distinctive clothes may not be the best known fashion name but everyone will surely find one piece from Desigual collection that will inspire them one way or another and bring out their uniqueness in the most appealing way.

Find your Desigual muse and propel yourself to another level and so be desigualized!

Desigual collections that will blow your mind

  • Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil
  • Desigual Exotic Jeans
  • Desigual by L range

Desigual is easily identified by its flamboyant skirts, distinctive dresses, and patchwork blouses that showcase the brand’s free spirited philosophy. Desigual has been working with French designer Christian Lacroix since 2011 to make several signature collections. Among all, the best collaborated collection line of accessories and apparel ever created was Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil. The collection was inspired by the performing arts of dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment has since grown to include new Desigual kids’ clothing collection.


Who says that jeans are only made in shades of blue, grey, white and black? Although we now have colourful jeans, Desigual jeans are even more unique. Introducing 2015 latest Desigual collection, the Desigual Exotic Jeans collection that combine jeans with different textures, patches, patchwork of different fabrics, from crow’s feet or French blonde to tricot, as well as eastern-influenced fancy needlework. Desigual Exotic Jeans collection is the brand’s bold proposal to transform earth’s most common garment into a luxury item. Discover Desigual Denim as you’ve never seen it before at the iprice store.


Another notable Desigual collection is the Desigual by L range that has four different sub collections:

  • Arty Dresses – Inspired by Parisian haute couture, this colourful dress collection will bring out your feminine and inner hipster self!
  • The Yellow Explosion – This exquisite Duffel coat Yellow Explosion will definitely be eye-catching among the crowd.  Filled with style and functionality, this coat is made for all kinds of weather.
  • Ethnic Chic – Elegant and sophisticated, this collection of clothing consists of colours and graphic patterns. Ethnic patterns of nature is given a chic touch while boring circle patterns are given a fun mix creating cute fashion pieces.
  • Unique Pieces – Black and white graphic prints are transformed into unique Desigual bags and accessories. You will never look at button prints in a simple manner anymore!

Get Desigual fashion pieces 

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