One of the oldest backpack makers in the world, Deuter is the pioneer in making high quality backpacks, bags, and accessories for outdoor enthusiasts. Check out the amazing Deuter Bags collection below. Click here and find out more about the amazing Deuter Bag technology and design.


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Deuter Bags Hong Kong: made for all kinds of outdoor activities

A bag maker for over 116 years since 1898, Deuter was Hans Deuter’s dream. Founded in Augsburg-Oberhausen, Bavaria in Germany, the company started as makers of mailbags and post rucksacks for the Bavaria Royal Mail. Then, a trend of camping came about in 1905 as more people fell in love with the idea of travelling and the great outdoors which lead to Deuter’s expansion to make tents and a tent rental department.

Later in the 1910, Deuter expanded its offering to include satchels, backpacks, knapsacks, belts with the increased demand from the military. Bag production just became natural after the wars, as well as tent making which developed into a wider variety that include tarpaulins, even larger tents for exhibitions like the Oktoberfest. Then, expeditions to explore new places of the world by many Germans also inspire Deuter to make exploring gear like backpacks, portable tents and bags that will help transport and carry food and supplies needed.

Deuter is always on the front-end in the making of bags and have partnered up with various brands to perfect the art of creating even more durable, even better products that will suit its customers which consists of people all around the world.

Deuter Bag technology — be amaze with its design that will hold and support you

Besides its colourful design, Deuter bags can fulfil needs for sports like:

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Family weekend
  • Trekking & Travel
  • Alpine mountaineering
  • Straight Line

Deuter bags are mainly made of two type of material namely Polyester and Polyamide (Nylon). Using rigorous design and testing procedures and the best materials to develop its range of backpacks, Deuter is all about quality construction, superb fit and innovative ventilation systems. And so Deuter bags incorporate the most appropriate fabrics and finishes in its creation.

With a huge range of polyester and polyamide materials used in its bags, your Deuter Bag will use the most appropriate material available.  Whether used as a day pack or an expedition pack, Deuter would have carefully consider the best options for each of its bag design. So just select a Deuter Bag according to your intended use to get the best fit, durability and weather resistance.

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