SALE DHC Medical Hand Cream 120g Brand from Japan: Dhc. DHC medicated hand cream DHC medicated lip cream and DHC medicated hand cream born as a hand care item of the same concept. Contains plant ingredients such as olive virgin oil and aloe extract which are excellent in moisturizing function to protect moisture, as a medicinal ingredient having the effect of preventing drying, rough skin, frostbite, cracks and chapping. As it feels like hand painting, it does not get sticky, it moistens moistly to your fingertips. It protects the hand skin with smooth veil, and it prepares beautifully to texture. Like the skin, want to keep beauty and refreshingness to my fingers. Born from skin care idea, it is DHC hand cream. Excellent moisturizing power, plenty of olive virgin oil with a composition that is compatible with the skin. Plus ingredients such as aloe extract also plus. Always exposed to the outside air, careful treatment while protecting hands which are likely to be rough due to housework and work, etc. from drying. DHC's commitment is going to catch hand care as one of skin care. If you do, it spreads to your hands, does not sticky, after slipping smoothly. Fill your fingertips with rich moisture, keeping your skin moist, supple and moist while beautifully textured. Form a protective film like a veil invisible to the hands, the moisturizing effect will last and keep moisture. Flavor-free, color-free, paraben free. The shiny yellow of the hand cream is the color of the condensed natural ingredients themselves. How to use: Take an appropriate amount and stretch it to clean fingers. HK$ 77.44 HK$ 140.87 −45%
SALE DHC ouble Moisture Mask 4 pcs Brand from Japan: Dhc. Hyaluronic acid penetrating to the stratum corneum and hyaluronic acid to confine and retain moisture on the skin surface. Blended two hyaluronic acids luxuriously. With two hyaluronic acids with different working, moist, to the skin purpling. Permeation: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid delivering plenty of moisture. Reduced the molecular weight and enhanced the absorption capacity to the skin. Penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum and fills the skin with dense moisture. Preservation: Polymer hyaluronic acid to tightly retain moisture. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a moisturizing barrier on the skin surface. Firmly confine it without missing moisture. N-acetylglucosamine (constituent of hyaluronic acid) addition. Main ingredients constituting hyaluronic acid. By continuous moisturizing with hyaluronic acid, support moisture power. Contains hyaluronic acid. Infiltrated the rich essence liquid luxuriously. The penetration of ingredients penetrates due to the adhesion effect of the mask. Deliver condensed moisture to the stratum corneum. Per skin is soft, using a sheet of 100% natural cotton. Low irritation, weak acidity friendly to the skin. Non fragrance, coloring, paraben free, mineral oil not used. Natural ingredients. How to use: After cleansing, use after conditioning the skin with lotion. Remove the mask and spread it. Put the eye part on the eyelid, align the nose part and bring it into close contact. Leave the mask as it is after about 20 minutes. Let it blend the essence remaining on your skin with your hands well. After that, do regular skin care with cream, etc. If you use DHC Double Moisture Series together, it is more effective. HK$ 89.01 HK$ 93.65 −4%

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DHC CoQ10 Hand Cream (50g) HK$ 86.12 Mankind
DHC Concentrated Eye Cream (20g) HK$ 302.71 Mankind
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DHC CoQ10 Eye Cream (25g) HK$ 323.58 Beauty Expert
DHC Medical Hand Cream 120g HK$ 77.44 YesStyle
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DHC Concentrated Eye Cream (20g) HK$ 302.71 Beauty Expert
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DHC CoQ10 Hand Cream (50g)

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You can find DHC Skin Care on iPrice Hong Kong with up to 59s% discount! If you are looking for popular models for DHC Skin Care, be sure to check out CoQ10 Hand Cream (50g), Concentrated Eye Cream (20g) and CoQ10 Eye Cream (25g). If you feel DHC Skin Care is not suitable for you, there are many other good brands on the market, such as innisfree, Missha and Etude House. The prices for DHC Skin Care are usually within HK$ 44.00 - HK$ 1,024.00. Based on your needs, you can get these Face, Skin Care Eyes and Skin Care Hand.  Most DHC Skin Care used today are Yellow, White and Blue.