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DHC Double Moisture Mini Set: Cleansing Oil 20ml + Soap 10g + Lotion 30ml + Cream 10g 4 pcs
HK$ 101.00 HK$ 126.00

Brand from Japan: Dhc. Deep Cleansing Oil 20ml x 1 Mild Soap 10g x 1 Double Moisture Lotion 30ml x 1 Double Moisture Cream 10g x 1 A trial set (skin care) of a double moisture series containing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. You can try 5 days. Medicated Deep Cleansing Oil: Natural beauty ingredients. Slippery dirt from the back of the pores will be removed and reset to the skin which moisture easily penetrates. Petroleum-based surfactant not used. Mineral oil not used. Mild Soap: Contains Olive virgin oil, honey. Wash thoroughly with plenty of fluffy foam. Double Moisture Lotion: Double hyaluronic acid formulation. Deliver dense moisture to the stratum corneum. Mineral oil not used. Mild acidity. Double Moisture Cream: Double hyaluronic acid formulation. With a fresh feeling of use, it keeps moisture for a long time. Mineral oil not used. Mild acidity. How to use: Medicated Deep Cleansing Oil: Be sure to use with dry hands. Take an appropriate amount (about 500 yen coarage) and make it to makeup. Rinse with water or lukewarm water. Mild Soap: Foam the soap well with the wet palm and wash so as to wrap the whole face with foam. Rinse with water or lukewarm water carefully. Double Moisture Lotion: After facial cleansing, take an appropriate amount (about 500 yen coffee) at the cotton or palm and gently adapt it while gently putting on the whole face. Double Moisture Cream: Take an appropriate amount (large soybean grain) in hand and massage it over the whole face while letting it fit.

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DHC Skin Care Hong Kong

You can find DHC Skin Care on iPrice Hong Kong with up to 20s% discount! If you are looking for popular models for DHC Skin Care, be sure to check out Medicated Acne Care Concealer SPF 22 PA++ (#02 Natural Ocher) 10g, Medical Hand Cream 120g and Q10 Mini Set: Cleansing Oil 20ml + Mild Soap 10g + Lotion 30ml + Cream 10g 4 pcs. If you feel DHC Skin Care is not suitable for you, there are many other good brands on the market, such as innisfree, Shiseido and Missha. The prices for DHC Skin Care are usually within HK$ 44.00 - HK$ 862.00. Based on your needs, you can get these Face, Skin Care Hand and Skin Care Eyes.  Most DHC Skin Care used today are Yellow, Silver and Blue.