In the sports and lifestyle category, big brands have a new contender in providing the hottest fitness apparel. Diadora Malaysia gives you a wide selection of sports shoes, apparel, bags, and sports equipment that would boost your performance. Whether in the field, on the track, or the gym, Diadora takes care of your needs. Check out the best array of Diadora’s products below or click here to know more about the brand.

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Diadora Hong Kong - Sports and Lifestyle on a New Level

When it comes to top performance shoes and apparel, trust a brand with great industry experience, functional design, and cutting edge technology; trust Diadora Malaysia. Diadora is one of the leading brands when it comes to providing top quality apparel that would suit your active lifestyle. From running, cycling, soccer, tennis, and overall fitness, Diadora gives you too quality products to boost your performance.

About Diadora Hong Kong

When it comes to sports and lifestyle footwear, apparel and equipment, nothing beats Diadora Malaysia. Derived from the greek word “dia-dorea” which means “to share gifts and honours”, the company does exactly that, providing excellent quality sports and fitness apparel that could rival big names in the business. The brand started out in 1948 as a footwear company which manufactures work and mountain boots. With the popularity of health and fitness in the 60s, Diadora quickly shifted their gears towards producing sports shoes and other fitness equipment. Towards the 80s and 90s, Diadora dedicated their efforts towards specialized footwear for professionals beginning with soccer, then came the rest as the company approached the 2000s.

Operating for more than 68 years, Diadora Malaysia aims, not to be the best, but to inspire creativity and functionality on all their products. Continuous research are carefully made to improve their products, from its construction within the assembly line down to its style, design, and its functionality. When it comes to sports and lifestyle, choose a brand who aims to provide more than just style; Chose Diadora.

Your favorite sports with Diadora

The best thing about Diadora is that they have specialized equipment for each discipline which suits your lifestyle, from running, cycling, to soccer, tennis, and general fitness. Whether you are a gym buff, an amateur or professional athlete, or simply looking for the perfect footwear and apparel to wear on the streets, Diadora Malaysia has you covered.


Running has been an innate human instinct since the dawn of time. As an evolutionary trait, running has enabled us to survive through the harshest environments. Harnessing our deep-seated urge to run, Diadora has created an entire line of footwear and apparel that would help you run the extra mile. From adequate shock absorption on footwear, to ultra-lightweight and breathable fabric on your track shirts, shorts, and rucksacks, Diadora keeps you at the top of your game.


Ever since man developed the first two-wheeled vehicle, cycling has been a fascinating sport for all ages. Riding a bike is an exhilirating experience which gives you a taste of true freedom. Taking you to the next level is Diadora’s line of products, specially dedicated for your cycling needs. Whether on the street or on a mountain trail, you can trust Diadora’s excellent line of cycling shoes, jerseys, and other accessories such as cycling cleats and levers, that would amp up your performance.


Perhaps one of the most popular sports across the globe, soccer or football as it is known in Europe is taking the world by storm. Utilizing and maximizing the body’s capacity in coordination, stamina, and game strategy, soccer is the ultimate sport for individuals that want to push their limits. A sport loved by its fans and athletes, Diadora Malaysia has an array of products that would take you on a whole new level. After all, Diadora is a brand of choice for 35,000 official members of the Italian Referees Association.


Tennis is a physically-demanding sport which tests your body’s limits against your opponents’. It is also a popular sport which teaches the beauty of sportsmanship. From athletes to enthusiasts, Diadora has the perfect products to enhance your performance with their top of the line footwear and apparel for both men and women. With Diadora, you can now enjoy Tennis like never before.


Fitness is not just about going to the gym or rocking your favorite sports shoes while on a short jog; it is not just a trend but a lifestyle. From tracksuits, sports bras, polo shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, to performance footwear, Diadora has you covered in and out of the gym.

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Diadora Hong Kong is about dedication, passion, and commitment to your lifestyle. Aiding top athletes such as George Weah, Roberto Baggio, Roy Keane, Guiseppe Signori, Dane Swan, Merv Hughes and many others, Diadora takes you to the next level of fitness, sports and lifestyle. Take a look at our Diadora products such as shoes, clothing, and bags here at iprice!