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Thinking that mainstream video games are too violent for your kids? Personally looking for something fun and nostalgic to fill up your time? Take a look at these Disney games that’re suitable for anyone, no matter if they’re a child, adult, or teenager! Intrigued? Click here or scroll down for more about Disney games!

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Avon Moana Costume for Women
HK$ 391.00

We Know the WayYou prove you're a capable woman every day. While Moana could thatch a roof, you can balance your meetings throughout the day and come home with a chill attitude. Moana climbed a mountain to put her stone on the chief cairn. You make time to scour the internet for inexpensive airfare so that you can see the world without going broke. Maybe it's just you that sees yourself in Moana. Or maybe the pull that makes this Polynesian princess so enticing belongs to you and your daughter. Either way, when you put on this outfit you will feel your feet twitch more than usual. Because your whole body will want to find out just how far you could go. Product DetailsThis dress is easy to move in so it'll be easier than ever to pretend to sail the dangerous ocean waves. While the top seems strapless it comes with clear plastic straps so there's no need to worry about any unfortunate fashion mishaps. The skirt is gorgeous with two layers of natural toned fabric. Want to finish your look? Get ahold of the Moana wig and heart of Te Fiti necklace and you'll be ready to set sail!You're WelcomeSo, you're heading out on your own costumed adventure. You're welcome! Just kidding, we don't have the confidence of a hunky, tattooed demi-god. But really, you're sure to have a great time in this outfit. Just be sure to wear a handy-dandy personal floatation device if you do go on an epic oceanic adventure. Even Maui can do anything but float!

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Disguise ney Mulan Deluxe Costume for Women
HK$ 352.00

Courage. Fidelity. Honor. These are all characteristics of the tough but beautiful Mulan. This is a woman who's not afraid to do what needs to be done or say what needs to be said. That's not to say it's easy for her to figure out her next move, or execute it for that matter. She sometimes struggles eating breakfast without spilling on her dress or keep her lucky cricket under control, but in the end, she's the one who's going to prevail. For someone that does better when meeting up face to face with an army of Huns rather than meeting with the matchmaker back home, she has quite a few beautiful gowns. It's not hard to understand how her family would assume that she would have easily been set up with a suitor. But beauty isn't enough to tie this woman down. She has a need to learn and grow, even as she wears her silk gowns. This dress is gorgeous in pink, purple, and blue. The faux wrap design is tied with a pink sash at the waist and accented with a bow. The sheer shawl is just like the one she wore to go see the matchmaker. Lucky for you, this gown is shorter than the original so it'll be much easier to get down to business and defeat the Huns. Whether you're heading to a Halloween party or meeting up with your local marriage broker, you're sure to charm even the most hardened Hun when you wear this lush gown. No one would guess you've come straight from the battlefield when you arrive wrapped in gold trimmed silk. Your reflection might not show who you are inside but don’t worry, everyone knows they won't meet a girl like yourself in every dynasty.

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Types of Disney Games

Fan of console games? Fan of Disney? Then you’ll have a blast when playing Disney games no matter what console you own. Optimistic in their quest to move in on the console gaming industry, Disney does its best to give you new experiences that are up to par with that of smash hit Kingdom Hearts, and promises to entice fans both new and old.

Disney Infinity

Let’s talk about Disney Infinity! This action-packed, plot-driven adventure game lets your favourite Disney characters interact inside a sandbox world that’s as vast as your imagination.

Play as characters such as Mr Incredible, Sully, and Captain Jack Sparrow and have them interact with each other!

Operating using both real-world configurations and in-game mechanics, Disney Infinity uses figurines that interact with the game, with each figurine embodying the data of characters that can be found in Disney movies and then brought to life on the screen of your console of choice.

While the production of new releases for their very own console might be halted indefinitely now, Disney's solitary foray into the console world was still incredibly impactful for many. With sales of the game and its accessories still going strong.


With the tradition of turning movies into games going strong, even Disney is not immune to this phenomenon. A surprising amount of Disney movies have been reimagined and converted into video game form such as Tangled, Cars and its subsequent sequels, and Toy Story. Interact within the game with characters and plotlines you know and love.


With Nintendo such an influential contributor in the console market, it’s no wonder that Disney has released the game versions of their most popular movies onto Nintendo’s various consoles, such as the Wii, Wii-U, and the 3DS. Play as the Disney princesses of your childhood or even jam out to music as the Jonas Brothers of old.

Relive Your Childhood with Disney Video Games!

For those who grew up watching the Disney channel as kids and still love Disney to this very day, get your wallets ready, as it’s time to pay tribute to Disney once again. Watch as Disney, the company that’s been responsible for your childhood nostalgia for as long as you can remember brings your favorite characters to your attention again and again.

Used to seeing your Disney princesses on the big screen? Hand tight as Disney moves your childhood characters onto a whole new platform, one that Disney has never ventured to unassisted before video games.

Not only appealing to now-adults that remember playing Disney.com games on their parents’ ancient computers all those years ago, these new Disney games also attract the interest of children today. With an aptitude for creating games that incorporate Disney’s trademark friendly and colourfully rendered characters. Then adding some interesting gameplay or complex plotline; Disney manages to transport you into a virtual Disney World the likes of which Walt Disney would be proud of.