Drones have changed the way we view the world. Amazing photos and videos, treasured personal memories, and high-end professional imagery are captured every day, in every corner of the world using DJI products. Read more about DJI drones below.


Top DJI Price List 2020

Top 10 products Price Store
DJI Mavic Mini HK$ 3,363.15 Amazon
DJI Phantom 4 Pro HK$ 12,392.40 Amazon
DJI Osmo Action HK$ 2,704.78 DJI Store
DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo HK$ 7,742.35 Amazon
DJI Inspire 2 HK$ 20,142.50 DJI Store
DJI Phantom 3 HK$ 5,417.32 Amazon
DJI Spark Fly More Combo HK$ 4,099.80 Amazon
DJI Spark HK$ 7,548.59 Amazon
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus HK$ 19,367.49 Amazon
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DJI DJI Mavic Mini

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Best DJI Drones for Every Budget in Hong Kong

It’s no exaggeration to say that drones have changed the way we view the world. They’ve taken once difficult and expensive moviemaking techniques and made them accessible to anyone. Videos that once required a camera crew, expensive cranes and hours of filming can now be done in minutes by the best drones with the tap of a single “auto takeoff” button.

Drones aren’t just flying cameras, though: they’re also the modern version of remote-controlled vehicles, and again they’ve made flying easier to intelligent collision sensors that protect your investment from mishaps. While there are a dizzying array of drones available, there is a basic division to be aware of- cheaper drones, while fun, will never fly as well or deliver the kind of video and photo results possible with more expensive models. That said, if you’re not worried about wowing YouTube with your sweeping panoramic masterpiece, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good, fun drone. Here are the best drones for every budget.

Best Overall: DJI Mavic Mini

DJI’s Mavic Mini is a serious drone, with really great features, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. It flies nearly as well as its larger siblings, though the wind wouldn’t faze the Mavic 2 Pro will ground the Mini. There’s also no 4K video, and no front and rear collision avoidance sensors like you’ll find in more expensive drones. Despite those caveats, the Mavic Mini is the top entry-level drone. At a mere 249 grams, it’s easy to take with you everywhere.

An Upgrade: DJI Mavic Air

If you want to step up from the Mavic Mini, but don’t need all the features of the much more expensive Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air is the drone for you. It’s incredibly small, light, and portable, and it has a 2-way (front and rear) obstacle avoidance. You can also get 4K video and some very handy, intelligent flight modes that you won’t find in the Mavic Mini.

Best You Can Buy: DJI Mavic 2 Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is in a class of its own and is the best drone you can buy now. The image and video quality are amazing, and the ability to travel- and track objects- at 45mph means you’re not going to miss a shot. The omnidirectional obstacle avoidance will keep you out of the trees, and 25-minutes flying time means you can stay aloft longer.

What does DJI mean?

DJI is Chinese means “Da-Jiang Innovations,” it comes from a phrase in Chinese “大志無疆” which means “great ambitions has no boundaries.” So DJI basically stands for great innovation without limits and that really reflects on the quality of their drones.

Can DJI HK drones do flip?

It is not advisable for you to make your drones roll and flip because you have no control over what it’s going to do once it flips. That usually results in a wrecked drone.

Are DJI HK drones waterproof?

DJI’s drones are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. Meaning that you can fly DJI’s drones in conditions like light rain but it’s not waterproof in the sense that it will survive a landing in the lake.

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