Powering your look to be sharper and cooler at the same time, Dockers boasts a huge variety of styles that you can choose to express your awesomeness. Read more about Dockers Hong Kong clothing below to find out.


Top Dockers Clothing Price List 2020

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Dockers Casual pants HK$ 534.76 YOOX
Dockers T-shirts HK$ 240.25 YOOX
Dockers Casual pants HK$ 1,116.02 YOOX
Dockers Casual pants HK$ 317.76 YOOX
Dockers Casual pants HK$ 325.51 YOOX
Dockers Casual pants HK$ 999.77 YOOX
Dockers Denim pants HK$ 1,464.77 YOOX
Dockers Casual pants HK$ 387.51 YOOX
Dockers Bermudas HK$ 286.75 YOOX
Dockers Casual pants HK$ 1,116.02 YOOX
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Dockers Casual pants

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Dockers Hong Kong Clothing – Connecting You with Long-Lost Values

Redefining your fashion style, Dockers continues to lead the charge of pioneering new trends and fits so that you can stay fashionably relevant at all times. Despite representing the face of classic denim designs, Dockers is far from being obsolete since it has been able to bring its own unique fashion blend into its already iconic collections. In short, Dockers presents stylish clothing style which allows you to keep up with the latest fashion styles around the world. Most importantly, Dockers is all about connecting you with long-lost values of being confident and courageous at the same time.

Classic & Casual

Exuding a simple fashion statement, Dockers projects an unpretentious style which enjoys its immense popularity even to this day. Moreover, its classic and casual characters continue to be worn without being seen as out of style. This is because Dockers has spent every effort and time into crafting its classic clothing style to be possessing its unique character. At the same time, it is also able to stand out from the rest of other rival denim brands in the market. Most importantly, the classic and casual vibe from the Dockers clothing is rich enough to express your own personalized theme with relative ease.

A True Class of Its Own

Renowned for its classic denim designs which prove to be one of the most iconic faces in the fashion scene, Dockers has been true to its own style since its debut. Time and time again, Dockers is able to show that its distinctive style still endures as people just love to wear its clothing styles and designs. Moreover, Dockers enjoys its rich heritage of supplying classic designs that form the staple of authentic culture. This authentic culture emphasizes the importance of looking natural without being distracted by other gaudy pieces. In fact, it is simply an extension of simplistic elegance that emerges as a fashion force to be reckoned with.

With its signature khaki designs, Dockers gives you the opportunity of embracing its classic styles while looking cool at the same time. Emphasizing the casual look, Dockers wants you to feel comfortable and relaxed all the time. Not just that, you even can transform your casual look into smart casual style if you are a fan of having smarter and more casual appeal.

Achieve Your Desired Look with Dockers Hong Kong Clothing

Whenever you are wearing one of the fashionable Dockers pieces, you will never run out of style. Like its iconic anchor logo, Dockers shows that the classic fashion is still going strong. Pairing your Docker clothing with wonderful designs from Dockers jackets shows is highly recommended to achieve your own desired look.

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