If you are looking for trinkets that are simple, screams minimalism and with comes with a cause, then you are on the right page. Find out more about Dogeared jewellery here.


Dogeared Jewellery – Personalizing your thoughts into trinkets

Most people add jewellery to their outfits without even asking themselves why they feel the need to wear these blings. Why do we wear jewellery? What is so special about a piece of gold, silver or precious gemstones? In the beginning, these trinkets was firs worn to display a women’s stand in the society. But today, jewellery – necklaces, rings, bracelets and earring and even anklets are seen as a symbol of their style and personality. At Dogeared Jewellery, you can simplify your jewellery game with these wonderfully crafted, beautiful, meaningful pieces. And if you have always been mystified by the esoteric world of necklace layering, Dogeared makes your life with their already layered necklaces that is accompanied with memories that will last a lifetime.

Dogeared Jewellery – Seeing the good and beautiful in everything

Dogeared was born on the beautiful beaches of Southern California in 1991. Founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke believed that jewellery could be both beautiful and meaningful, and her idea that jewels should speak sparked the creative journey now known as Dogeared.

They believesgood things happen. The brand is more than a jewellery line and embraces the stories, happy moments, milestones and experiences, that celebrate, connect and inspire customers.Dogeared is real style with meaningful messages.

Each piece tells a story celebrating individuality, self-expression, love, and friendship. Dogeared jewels are simple, modern and versatile, inspired by California's free spirited, natural beauty. Subtle classics, eclectic statements, and true originals designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness and handcrafted to order in our Southern California studio.

Dogeared lives by their philosophy that what goes around comes around by handcrafting everything locally, respecting the planet, and partnering with non-profit organizations that share their vision of a better world. As a certified B-Corporation, Dogeared is part of a community of companies developing better business practices, creating new ways to measure success, working with dignity and purpose, and using business as a force for good.

Dogeared's unique jewels regularly appear on the hottest celebrities, in fashion and lifestyle publications, in films, on television and the red carpet.

Dogeared Jewellery – Teaming up with a Self-Help Guru

Two uber-positive powers are joining forces for some inspiring realness. Known for its ‘good vibes only’gems, LA's Dogeared Jewelry is teaming withself-help star Danielle LaPortefor a collection of empowering accoutrements.

The outcome – the coolest collection called TRUTHBOMBS. The necklaces in these collection are witty, insightful one-liners that are a bit of light, words of encouragement, and messages that speak to the soul. Combined with meaningful jewels by Dogeared, the collection is filled with perfect gifts to connect, inspire, and enlighten.

These are the list of their necklaces in the Truthbomb collection.

Authenticity is magnetic – when you act on your second nature, when you are courageous enough to be very, very real, when you put your preferences on the altar of your life and say: THIS! This what I desire. The fulfilment gravitates right to you. The universe finds you sincerity absolutely, positively irresistible.
Love rewards the brave – Run to it. Cancel something for it. Make the move. Make some noise-even if you are trembling. Be the first to say I love you. Be the last one on the dance floor. Ask someone to believe in you. Love bows to courage, my love.
French kiss life – Give it. Give it your sexy, your twist, your flavour. Life calls for unbridling, for unfurling, for your presence. The Cosmic Mother longs for your direct contact. The Devine Masculine is looking for an open heart. So engage every sense you have, pull life close, and show it how passion feels.
Lack of passion is fatal – It’s in you. The fire, the love, the calling, the delight. Bring it out for every decision you make. Practicalities? Obligations? Those are deceptive guides. It’s pure passion that will make your life a brilliant flame.
It’s going to be okay – you’re going to get through it. You can do it. Baby, you ARE doing it. Right now your cells are renewing themselves. Your pain is part of the human fabric, and that tapestry is holding you like an Eskimo blanket. Other people have survived this and you can trace their steps. Not only will you have more wisdom to offer the world, you will feel more joy than you might think is possible right now.
Choose to shine – You want to give the world your heart, your genius, your sweat. You want the speck that you are on the planet to be immensely useful, devoted, shining. How you live is how you lead. So shout. Activate. Rise up. Pray. Your love is your dominion and it’s enormous. YOU and that life of yours are the revolution.
You can. And you will – Miracles, revolutions, breakthroughs, creations, and certainties. You can turn grey into vivid colours, and abstract ideas into living structures. You can eclipse fear with enthusiasm. You can laugh again after loss. You can really be done with it, for real this time. You can cure it, infuse it, liberate it. You can start and you can finish. Truly. You can. And you will.
I see you – I see the work you’re putting in. I see the shape of your heart – and it’s so vast. I see how lovely and genuine you are, how consistently kind. I see how damn diligent you are in making a contribution to the world. I see you flare, how you move through life. I see how good you are at love. I love what I see.
Love love – Love being in love. Love talking about love. Fall in love immediately – with everyone. Imagine that every beat of your heart is a soundtrack for like and crank it up. Gush. Pursue. Magnetize. Radiate. Love the idea, the possibility, the reality, the heartache, the mind-blowing vastness of LOVE. And you don’t have to apologize for it. Be unabashed about your romanticism. Be the cheesiest. Be the One. Be the wise fool who knows that it’s really only ever always about LOVE.

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