DOOGEE is one of the brands that have been establishing very recently, in fact, it was just founded in March 2013. This company is a new contender in the smartphone market, providing not just high caliber yet affordable smartphones, but also their accessories. Their cost-effective smartphones feature groundbreaking technology but without demanding for a bigger price tag. DOOGEE is another brand that opened another world of opportunity for the consumers to enjoy high quality and inefficient yet inexpensive smartphones. Read more about them here!


Top DOOGEE Price List 2020

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Doogee MIX HK$ 1,781.75 Amazon
Doogee X5 Max HK$ 1,162.44 Amazon
DOOGEE S95 PRO 8+256GB Super 2020 Rugged Smartphone Unlocked Outdoor 4G, Helio P90 Phones Dual SIM Free, Android 9.0 IP68 Waterproof, 48+8+8+16MP AI Cameras, 6.3 inch, 5150mAh, GPS/NFC/Wireless Charge HK$ 4,417.49 Amazon
DOOGEE Rugged Mobile Phone Unlocked, S90 Pro Android 9.0 Tough Smartphone Outdoor, 6+128GB, 6.18 inch FHD Screen, IP68 Waterproof, 16+8MP AI Camera/5050mAh+5000mAh(Power Mod)/GPS/NFC/Wireless Charge HK$ 3,603.73 Amazon
DOOGEE S95 Pro Rugged Cell Phones Unlocked 4G, IP68 Waterproof Rugged Phones Unlocked LTE 6.3'' FHD P90 8GB 128GB 48MP +8MP+8MP Face ID Android 9.0, 5150mAh, NFC,GPS,Dual Sim Rugged Smartphone HK$ 3,278.23 Amazon
DOOGEE S90 Pro Android 9.0 Rugged Smartphone Unlocked, IP68/IP69K Waterproof Outdoor Phones, 4G Dual SIM Free Mobile Phone, 6.18 inch Helio P70 6GB RAM+128GB ROM, 16MP+8MP+8MP Camera, 5050mAh Battery HK$ 3,332.55 Amazon
DOOGEE S95 Super Rugged Smartphone 4G, Unlocked Phone Outdoor, 8650mAh (Modular Included), 6+128GB, Dual SIM Free Android 9.0 IP68 Waterproof, 48+8+8+16MP AI Cameras/6.3 Inch/GPS/NFC/Wireless Charge HK$ 3,642.48 Amazon
DOOGEE S95 2020 Rugged Smartphone Unlocked, 48MP AI Triple Rear Camera Helio P90 Octa-Core 6GB+128GB, 5150mAh Global 4G LTE Cell Phones Android 9.0 IP68 Waterproof, 6.3-inch FHD+, NFC, Wireless Charge HK$ 2,789.97 Amazon
DOOGEE S95 PRO Rugged Smartphone 4G, Unlocked Cellphone Outdoor, 8+128GB, Helio P90 Dual SIM Free Android 9.0 IP68/IP69K Waterproof, 48+8+8+16MP AI Cameras, 6.3 inch, 5150mAh, GPS/NFC/Wireless Charge HK$ 3,254.98 Amazon
DOOGEE S90 4G Modular Rugged Smartphone Unlocked Android 8.1-10050mAh Battery (Included Power Module) 6.18”FHD+ 6GB RAM+128GB ROM 8MP+16MP Camera - Waterproof Unlocked Cell Phone Outdoor - Black HK$ 3,061.30 Amazon
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Doogee MIX

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DOOGEE Hong Kong: The Next Big Thing

DOOGEE is a brand that hailed in China not so long ago, and it cannot be denied that its name could stir curiosity to the consumers, especially how it should be pronounced. Apparently, the correct pronunciation of the brand’s name which is “DOOGEE” is “Dao Ge,” these two syllable word when translated into English means: Dao – Justice, truth, and right path; Ge – distinctiveness, reformation, and variety. Apparently, the labels name implies innovation and reforms by taking the right path that leads to the truth. Indeed, there’s more to its name than its face value, and apparently, it’s one that runs deep with wisdom.

On the other hand, the brands name is also an acronym for Dream, OO (zero) to hero, Glory, Enthusiasm, Excellence. These words basically signify the brand’s philosophy in perfecting their own version of smartphones.

The DOOGEE Culture

This company is as young as its team. The brand DOOGEE is composed of a team of people who are driven by passion, vision, and ability. It can be said that they are a startup company where each and every member’s opinions, talents, and passion, can easily be noticed and create an impact on their products and services. Which is why even at their early stage, they have already created a series of products that are as compelling or even more than its competing brands. Micro technological innovations coupled with a well-rounded team, DOOGEE is set to become the next big thing in the smartphone industry.

DOOGEE Smartphone Series

This brand may be new in the market but the turn-around for their smartphone range has been quite fast. In a span of fewer than five years, DOOGEE has already released 5 smartphone series, each catering to a specific target market.

DG Series

This is the entry-level smartphone of DOOGEE. To date, they have 2 smartphones under this series and holds the most reserved specifications in their line of smartphones. The DG series currently features TitansS2 and DG700. These smartphones both runs with a Quadcore Processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal memory (but expandable via microSD card slot). Just like all smartphones to date, the two devices under this series both has rear and front cameras which are already satisfying enough to the average users.

Y Series

The series of DOOGEE sports a sleek, artistic and sophisticated craftsmanship through its build, coupled with very light and efficiently protective materials. The main selling point of this series aside from its top-notch specification is its overall build, which is not just pleasurable to the eyes but also to the grip of its users.


This series is where form meets function. At a first look, you can easily tell that this phone means business; it sports a very robust design which is paired with some of the cutting edge technologies: for one the F5 features a fingerprint sensor. The F Series devices are all but high caliber smartphone device, despite that, the price for each of them remains as affordable to the majority of the consumers as it could get.

Currently, the F-Series models are the F5, F3, and F3 Pro.

X Series

It may not seem obvious due to the highly competitive features of the phones in this series, from the inside to the outside. However, the X Series devices are actually geared towards conquering the mid-range market with this top performing robust series. There’s more to this series than meets the eye: despite its minimalistic design, the devices are packed with features that are not commonly found in midrange market phones, like 13Mp autofocus primary camera +8MP front facing camera, 64-bit Quad-core processors, 2GB RAM, and 16GB ROM. The main selling point of this series is the X5 Max’s 4000mAh battery capacity, 2.5x more than the average smartphone.

Currently, smartphones in this series are X-MAX Pro, X5 MAX, and the X5S.

T Series

Just when you though 4000mAh is already more than we could handle, here comes T series which boast a raging 6250mAh battery capacity. Surely, that amount of battery will be more than enough for you to make the most out of your phone all day with a single charge even with the most graphics and processor hefty applications and games. The T-Series is obviously another high caliber series that are disguised in a very humble packaging. Aside from that, this series sports dual screen, a more pixel-rich camera, and a solid design with their DOOGEE T3. The T-series is a smartphone that’s designed to make your live your life smarter.

Currently, the T-series phones are T3, T6 Pro, and T6.