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Dr. Martens is certainly no stranger to footwear enthusiasts; its boots remain the top choice for many due to its comfort and unrivaled style. Dr. Martens HK, also known as Doc Martens or Docs, was established in England in 1947. The brand is most known for its boots, which can easily be signified by its bouncing soles, the shape of their uppers, and the yellow stitching. Available in many colors, these Dr. Martens shoes have become a staple in the youth subculture community. Not only do they offer footwear, Dr. Martens HK also offers clothing, bags, and accessories. Check out our wide selection of products from Dr. Martens now and shop with our exclusive offers!

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Dr Martens; taking a leap of faith at iPrice Hong Kong

The Griggs family of Northampton, United Kingdom was in the boot-making business since 1901. Always on to challenge the norm and bring new perspectives into designs of old, Bill Griggs stumbled upon an opportunity while he was in his office on Cobbs Lane in the late 1950s. While he was scanning the pages of Shoe and Leather News magazine, he zeroed in on an advertisement posted by a German duo. The advertisement said they were looking for partners overseas for their innovative air-cushioned sole.

Dr Maertens and Dr Funck from Munich were both ‘mavericks and free thinkers’ much like Bill Griggs. The duo created the air-cushioned sole after an injury on a skiing trip and were looking for partners who were on the same wavelength. Bill Griggs contacted Dr Maertens, created a name and the final product came to life on April 1st, 1960. The brand made its debut on a British high street and moved on from there.

There were two moments in the brand history that made Dr Martens a part of a fashion subculture. Prior to this, Dr Martens were positioned as durable men’s work footwear. The first moment was when the early skinhead use to mimic the dressing style of the working class with an acute attention to detail. This marked the brand’s first move “from the factory floors and into youth culture.”

Skip forward a few years, and we saw Pete Townshend of The Who wear a pair of black 1460s on stage. This was done on purpose to show his association with working class pride. He was even once quoted saying while he was on tour he used to go to bed with two things: A cognac bottle and a Dr Martens boot.’ This secured the brand’s enduring popularity and made it a statement among the many youth cultures that followed. When punks came along, they had their DM’s with them. Ska enthusiasts and Two Tone fans had their pair of three-hole 1461s and Britpop fans had their cherry red 8 hole boots.

What was it that made a pair of Dr Martens able to not only make a statement, represent a youth subculture yet remain entirely individual? The answer is in its design. The Griggs family created what is called a “watershed silhouette”, a shape that’s off-the-shelf and classic which has allowed generation after generation of youth to add on, paint and customize each pair with personality. Despite the changes in modern technology and fashion today. A pair of Dr Martens’ remains relevant and a fashion culture on its own. Sure, you can mix it up, give it your own twist but there will always be that little something extra (and different) that gets you to take a second look. It’s in the shoe. You can bet your boots on it.

Changing the game, one pair of boots at a time with Dr Martens Hong Kong

We didn’t make the rule, but wearing a pair of Dr Martens instantly ups your cool factor. Young fashionistas and trailblazers all over the world have been making their own statements in a pair of Dr Martens since the brand first came into stores. Almost everyone we asked has had a fashion phase that included this iconic footwear and some still have their pair of Dr Martens. It comes as no surprise then that these cool shoes have made its way into the wardrobes of many celebrities.

Miley Cyrus wore a pair of 1490s in Cherry Red Smooth for her Wrecking Ball video and the list of leading ladies in “Docs’ are equally impressive. Stars like Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Kate Bosworth, Emma Watson, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Ashley Simpson, Pixie Geldof, Amber Rose, Chloë Sevigny, Drew Barrymore, Emma Roberts, Rachel Bilson, Harper Beckham and Taylor Momsen have all been spotted out and about with their own pair. The brand currently carries styles for men, women and children and a selection of work boots.

What’s in a boot that makes it special? by iPrice Hong Kong

  • Doc Marten “bouncing soles” are impervious to acid petrol, alkali, oil and fat
  • Animated characters Daria and Jane each wore Doc Martens in the television show called Daria
  • The British show, The Young Ones, has an entire song dedicated to the boots
  • Pope John Paul II has a custom made pair

“If life gives you lemons, sell them and buy shoes” by Dr Martens Hong Kong

Look at that, your walk has lead you to the right place. Home to a variety of Dr Martens styles from the most popular web stores in the country, iPrice Hong Kong is poised to help you discover your dream pair of boots. Not only do we feature a wide selection, there’s competitive price points to sweeten the deal too. Shop with ease and maybe let your fingers do the walking this time – you wouldn’t want to step out on these online-exclusive discounts and promotions.