The punk-inflected label was launched in the 1960s, and has since built up a loyal fan base for its androgynous lace-up styles. Explore distinctive slick matte leather and chunky rubber soles reimagined in playful prints and rich jewel tones, alongside timeless designs in black monochrome hues. Learn more about Dr Martens HK below.


Top Dr. Martens Boots Price List 2021

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Dr. Martens X DR. Martens Temperley Twisted Boots HK$ 8,649.00 Farfetch
Dr. Martens x Dr. Martens Leather Chelsea Boots HK$ 3,979.63 Saks Fifth Avenue
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Dr Martens Hong Kong Boots - What's Up, Doc?

Proudly British, Dr Martens designs and manufactures apparel, shoes, accessories and others that often hit the headlines in fashion magazines as being fashionable and iconic; it is even accepted as part of quintessential British culture icon, together with fish and chips and red telephone box. While all Dr Martens products are well-received and popular with people, Dr Martens boots truly represent the spirit of Dr Martens: Simplicity, stylish and sophisticated. In fact, whenever people talk about Dr Martens, it is always about its distinctive boots. Not only are they comfortable, but also they are durable and tough as well. The image of Dr Martens Chelsea boots often come to mind when people mention about Dr Marten boots and their unique leather craftsmanship that make them highly appealing especially when you compare with other leather boots in the market. Perhaps, it is truly remarkable that Dr Martens has transformed the dull working boots into a fashionable pair that everyone loves and wants to own.

Dr Martens Hong Kong Boots - Being An Icon Of Self Expression

For those who want to express their own individual styles, the simplicity of Dr Martens boots makes it easier to showcase your own refined style. Not only that, Dr Marten boots are also easier to pair with any of your outfits while enhancing your appearance at the same time because they boast simple silhouettes and designs.

If you take a look at Dr Marten's lookbook, it is certain that you will be surprised to discover there are virtually limitless ways that you can wear your Dr Martens boots fashionably. In other words, wearing Dr Martens HK boots enables your creative interpretation of your own style to be represented well as you can depend on your boots to interpret your imagination well and makes your style into reality as envisioned. Contrary to popular belief that boots are simple pairs that can easily fit with any of your outfits, the simple truth is that not every boot can match your outfit readily due to its own design and visual appearance. When it is being done in poor taste, you will be entering the top ten hilariously bad fashion styles. However, Dr Martens boot will not present such a problem because it usually boasts smooth and simple boot designs.

Another lovely feature that makes Dr Martens boots to be highly sought after is their innovative air-cushioned soles which make it comfortable for anyone that wears it. These air-cushioned soles are so comfortable that they are being referred to as "bouncing soles". Coupled with their standard trademark distinctive yellow stitching around the soles, Dr Martens boots are classic boots that are being made with highly detailed and polished workmanship. When you are rocking with these Dr Marten boots on, nothing will stand in your own way as they express your inner personality effortlessly without going through mismatched accessories that will give wrong messages or send funny signals. Complementing those courageous souls, Dr Martens boots are your source of inspiration as you seamlessly modify your Dr Martens boots style in your own '"twisted" style to reflect your authentic individuality!

Finest Designs From Dr Martens Hong Kong Boots

Initially popular with those that wear them for practical purposes, Dr Martens boots subsequently become synonymous with authenticity and originality; they are fierce representatives of youth culture. Easily recognisable, Dr Martens boots are the boots that you stand out from the rest. These are some of the finest designs that Dr Martens comes out with:

  • Dr Martens 8 Eyelet 1460 Boot
  • Dr Martens 5 Eyelet Monkey Boot
  • Dr Martens 1460 Classic
  • Dr Martens 8 Eye Caper

What makes Doc Martens so special?

The appeal of Doc Martens is that they are what they are. You wear them as you see fit and you make them you own. Because Doc martens are regarded as a staple of sorts, they simply move in and out of fashion as it dictates. The fact that Dr. Martens now provides a range guaranteed to last ‘For Life’ illustrates the confidence it has in enduring a lifetime guarantee for every pair ensures they will be handed down from generation to generation.

What clothes look good with Doc Martens?

Doc Martens has been a consistent go-to staple throughout the years- regardless of time and trends. Aside from being timeless, the boots are extremely durable, meaning if you buy a pair today, you can rock them for years to come. Here’s how you can style the classic work boots, from teaming them with a playful midi dress to a little black skirt.

  • Style a patent leather overall dress with poppy white boots. The contrast makes for quite an eye-catching ensemble.
  • Team denim overalls with the classic black Dr. Martens for a cool but comfy outfit that you can wear all day long.
  • Want something cool(ing) and practical? Then swap the little black skirt for a pair of cutoffs. And if it’s too hot, trade in the oversize, off-the-shoulder sweater for a summery tank top.
  • If you’re feeling less experimental with your Dr. Martens, then go with a no-fail outfit pairing - skinny jeans, a cool trench or denim jacket, and, to ground the look, the classic black boots.

How much are Doc Martens boots?

You can find Doc Martens boots for women priced from HK$696 to HK$3,214, while men’s Doc Martens boots are HK$1,425 to HK$2,062. Buy Doc Martens’ timeless boots with trusted fashion merchants like Farfetch Hong Kong.