Boasting a long history of gaming, EA Games continues to challenge everything by bringing exciting and engrossing gaming titles. Read more about EA Games Hong Kong here.


EA Games Hong Kong - Embrace The Exciting Future Of Gaming

When it comes to experience in the world of gaming, EA Games has been around since the inception of modern day gaming. This means that EA Games lives as long as the history of gaming itself. Throughout its long history, EA Games has been developing, publishing, distributing and launching many legendary gaming titles that are being played to this day. At one point, you must have came across the iconic EA Games logo when playing one of its many games. In fact, EA Games is well-known that even non-gamers have seen its logo in many places. Aside from that, EA Games also involves in bringing games, content and online services to many platforms such as computer, mobile phones, tablets and even consoles. Hence, the awesome world of gaming beckons as EA Games introduces you to some of the most promising, exciting and engrosing gaming titles of all time. 

About EA Games Hong Kong - How EA Challenges Everything

It all began when Trip Hawkins established Electronic Arts or EA Games on 28 May 1982. At that time, EA Games started to develop its own games while supporting consoles at the same time. During its younger days, EA Games enjoyed giving credits to its developers by affectionately calling them as artists and even included photo credits in their advertisements and games. Not just that, EA Games packed their games in the cool album cover style. While it was a uncommon practice at its time, such approach has enabled EA Games to save a lot of money and time as well. Interestingly, it managed to present their games in a more impressive, artistic and creative way that drew admiration from developers, gamers and others as well.

EA Games Hong Kong - Embrace The Fun & Adventure

From just a video game developer to one of the leading gaming companies in the world, EA Games proves that it really walks the talk when it comes to building a stronger, better future in gaming. Even now, EA Games continues to lead the example by producing amazing games that continue to raise greater levels of creativity and fun in the gaming industry. For more than 3 decades and counting, EA Games continues to challenge everything so that everyone will get the best things in gaming. After all, a game can be said to be successful when it is able to bring immersive experience that draws your attention to the game in many different layers as well as its own setting. 

Popular EA Games Hong Kong Products That Will Rock Your World

Mirror's Edge
Taking the world by storm and surprise, Mirror's Edge is unconventional action and adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a runner in dystopian future. You will be leading your character in overcoming numerous challenges and obstacles as you attempt to perform your duty as a courier in delivering the message. Navigating through seemingly inaccessible areas in parkour style, Mirror's Edge definitely changes the way you think, plan and execute your movements. In other words, Mirror's Edge is all about executing tactical movements in solving puzzles. Of course, the great thing about this game is that it really challenges your perspective as the game offers great levels of freedom and participation in the game.
As the title befits the entire series, Battlefield is not your typical first-person shooter video games as you will be playing along with a lot of players in large maps that have the size of real life battlefields. In Battlefield series, you will be able to pilot various vehicles to support your team in defeating the opposing team. Just like in the real army, you can climb through ranks based on your achievements in the game. At the same time, you will be able to select different classes in order to choose your playstyle in the game. Despite the availability of so many team-based multiplayer games, only a select few actually come close in emphasizing the essence of cooperative gameplay in a much larger scale. Unsurprisingly, Battlefield is one of these few games.
Most importantly, you will experience the thrill and exciting of playing in squads, platoons and even companies as you work together in bringing your firepower to bear on your enemies. From WWII to modern battlefields or even future battlefield, the Battlefield series is so incredible that a lot of people are still playing this series. The hottest news now is that Battlefield series now comes out with Battlefield 1 that is all about WWI; something that most games in the world did not have. In fact, the announcement of Battlefield 1 has been met with outburst of expectation from media, critics and gamers around the world.
Need For Speed
Even if you do not play it, you must have heard of Need For Speed series. This racing video game series produces numerous titles of the same name since its inception as many fans just love this high-octane racing game. The ability of the players in customizing their cars in the game has been cited as one of the big selling points in getting this game. Another amazing feature that is found in some games of this series is that the presence of police pursuit in some of the maps in the games.
It is interesting to note that Need For Speed series generally features great song lists that make your adrenaline pump while racing across the map. The art, style and atmosphere of this series are just so amazing as they really give you the motivation for you to demand the need of speed in accelerating your car to best your opponent.
It seems that your dream of piloting your own mech finally becomes true when Titanfall just lands you such opportunity in doing so while kicking ass. Even before its release, Titanfall is a highly anticipated game as previews and sneak peeks continued to be watched by many people around the world. Just as it has been received with much enthusiasm, so too Titanfall exceeds your expectations of playing more than just an exciting game. Besides, it is not that frequent that you will find a game that revolves around jumping infantries that fight along the indomitable mechs or Titans. As such, its gameplay is so fast-paced that you might be forgotten that you are not living in sci fi world. Not only that, its gritty realism has been praised to be authentic despite being just a sci-fi game. 
Left 4 Dead
This zombie survival game is so famous that you have heard it before even if you do not play it. Being unsurprisingly well-received by media, critics and customers, this Left 4 Dead series offers tons of unparalleled thrill and adventure as you and your team try to survive the game as survivors or hunt the survivors as infected. In addition, the gameplay does not feel just repetitive when your team and opponents are going to have lots of stories to be shared after the game itself. In other words, Let 4 Dead series excels as cooperative game that promotes teamwork and coordination.

Engage In A Variety Of Exhilarating Games From EA Games Hong Kong

Offering you tons of exciting gaming titles that caters to many different needs, EA Games promises immersive experience that is readily avalaible in many different genres. Having an impressive list of games under its wing, EA Games definitely boasts endless list of entertaining games for your family and friends. If you are hungry for more impressive gaming titles, you should take a look at EA Games gaming.