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Eden Foods Sushi Nori 7 Sheets .6 oz 17 g
HK$ 47.00

Toasted Sea Vegetable EDEN Sushi Nori is the finest grade available, already toasted, ready to use for sushi, on rice balls, or thin sliced as a garnish on soup, salad grain, and pasta dishes. The sweetest of all sea vegetables, and most easily appreciated by the Western palate. EDEN Sushi Nori has complex, delicate aroma and flavor not found in the lesser grades. EDEN Nori is cultivated in western Ise (ee-say) Bay, Japan surrounded by National forests and mountains. An area called 'Ocean by Mountains.' Mineral-rich rivers of pure mountain spring water nourish the pristine bay. This area leads all of Japan in ecology movements. Industrial development is forbidden to insure future generations the legacy of this famous, sea vegetable producing resource. Our maker has a whole department devoted to ecology issues. After harvesting the nori is wash, chopped, pressed, and dried into lustrous, rich purpe-black thin sheets, which are then toasted. Toasting turns the nori a bright green and imparts a sweeter flavor. Sushi literally mean vinegared rice. To make sushi rice pour two tablespoons EDEN Organic Brown Rice Vinegar into one cup of cooked rice and mix it thoroughly with a wet wooden spoon. Sushi can also be made with any EDEN Soba or Udon in place of the rice. Endless variations of sushi are fun to make and eat, and quite healthy and delicious. EDEN sea vegetables provide access to trace minerals from the sea, which are needed for well rounded, satisfying nourishment.

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Some of the most prominent and well-loved products from Eden Foods come in Yellow, Red and Purple. Sea Salt 14 oz (397 g), Selected Hot Pepper Sesame Oil 5 fl oz (148 ml) and Ponzu Sauce 6.75 fl oz (200 ml) are three of the most in-demand products from Eden Foods Hong Kong that you should look out for. If you only have HK$ 19.00 to HK$ 147.00 to spend, then you can surely get your hands on some of the best Eden Foods products online! Ranging from different accessories and apparels like Groceries, Eden Foods has all you need and more!