Elephone Hong Kong is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company that produces amazing smartphones that are both reliable and easy to use by anyone. Don't believe us? Read more about what Elephone has to offer here.

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Elephone Hong Kong: Producing Value-Packed Smartphones

A Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, Elephone was established at the end of 2006 in Shen Zhen, China - where most electronic companies in Asia are located in. Elephone started out by putting a lot of focus on their research and development for mobile communication products, as well as on the many aspects of sales and services. With their immense focus on research and development and the effective skills of their many employees, Elephone wants their smartphones to be available to many people all over the globe.

Elephone Hong Kong smartphones are one of the best value packed smartphone brands out there. Their lengthy focus has given them all the skills and experiences to produce amazing smartphones at very affordable prices. However, Elephone is not only about their smartphone models. Each smartphone model is sold to customers with a peace of mind because of their excellent services post-sales.

Other than producing smartphones, the Elephone brand commits to its own expansion by varying its products to go past its core ones. These products include Elephone Intelligent Devices (Smartwatches) and Elephone Accessories. More about them below.

Elephone Hong Kong's Smartphones

Elephone provides Android smartphones with the best specifications that are available for their customers. With selected Mediatek computer processors and 1GB or 2GB RAM, each Elephone Hong Kong smartphone is sure to perform very well running your mobile phone tasks. Large storage spaces of up to 16GB also enables you to store all your favourite phone applications, pictures and videos.

The brand's most recent release is the Elephone P9000. With the tag-line of, "The Ultimate Pursuit for Perfection", you are sure to be on the edge of your seat while we talk about this amazing smartphone. The Elephone P9000 is featured to portray exquisite craftsmanship and superior performance at a very affordable price. It sports a 1.6mm Narrow Bezel Vision and a 5.5-inch OGS screen with 1920x1080 resolution in order to give you a better grip and visual effect. Not to forget the new and improved Helio P10 OS and 4GB RAM inclusion to secure unprecedented experience and performance.

Also in the spotlight is the Elephone Vowney. The most desirable feature of this Elephone Smartphone is its 2K capable visual feast that will grant you life-like visual experiences. Not only that, the Vowney also sports at massive 21MP Sony IMX230 Back Camera. Focus time reduction, 192 phase-detection autofcus, and HDR 30FPS 4K video-shooting, are a few of the other desirables of this Superman of a smartphone.

Elephone Hong Kong's Expansion into Other Products

What makes a company great stands between two matters; how successful it continues to better its core products and how it can manage to expand its core products to have a wide variety of choices. Elephone aimed to be both of the matters and we believe that they might have taken the first few steps towards the succession.

Elephone now also manufactures smartwatches, smart bracelets, and TV Box Wi-Fi/Optical Rotatable Cameras.

The smartwatches manufactured by Elephone automatically track steps, able to remotely shoot pictures, inform of calls and messages, able to provide sleep analysis, and houses a battery that could last up to 3 months. The Elephone W1 Smart Bracelet features compact design with a full rustless metal shell that comes in gold and silver. It also comes with a Pedometer to analysis the amount of exercise you have done and the amount of calories you have burned. Now, Elephone's TV Box, that also acts as an Optical Rotatable Camera, is an interesting product. It's an entertainment system that is packed in a interesting-looking box. It has a built-in Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS and you are able to download loads of apps. Having it connected to your TV/monitor, you are thrown into a world on endless entertainment at the tips of your fingers. The Optical Rotatable Camera helps you take pictures and record videos to your liking. You can also make video calls on Skype, making it an all-in-one family-friendly entertainment hub.

Elephone also has started to manufacture accessories of their own. The accessories include:

  • Tempered Glasses
  • Protective Cases
  • Standalone Cameras
  • High Performance USB Cables
  • E-Cigarette Mods
  • E-Cigarettes Tank

Gone is the Age of the Telephone, Comes Now the Age of Elephone!

As mentioned above, what makes a good company reach its potential lies between 2 matters; the ability to better core products and the ability to expand the usability of core products to make way for the development of other products for choice. Elephone has risen up to the challenge of the modern world powered by the capabilities of what a small electronic device that fits in your hands can do. When it comes to smartphones, two matters rise above others; the look and feel of it and the overall performance. Now, the smartphones from Elephone both feel and look good and perform way above the standardized benchmarks. But what makes the smartphones or any product from Elephone different or more desirable is the fact that they come in reasonably cheaper prices. What we believe is that in order for you to be a good consumer, you have got to have an eye for bargains. And when you come into the knowledge that you can get a good feeling/good looking and high-performing smartphone at an affordable price, there should be no other decision to make.

We highly recommend the smartphones from Elephone. However, should you find them less desirable even after going through this article, then fret not! We have loads more to offer you. Check out Samsung, Apple, and/or Acer to see which would really tickle your fancy. You can also browse through smartphone casings from ScreenGuard, MoonCase, and/or Hicase for reasonably-priced yet stylish and fun alternatives.

Happy Shopping!