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Elite Prince Charming Costume for Men
HK$ 782.00

Prince Charming Fairytale characters like Prince Charming don't realize how good they have it. Sure, they have to face evil villains at some point in their stories, and sure, they might come close to losing, but it all works out in the end. And after the trouble has faded, they are left with nothing but "And they lived happily ever after..." How nice would that be? You get to just live happily ever after? No bumps in the road, no more danger or peril. They just get a long and happy life. Prince Charming got to spend the rest of his days as prince and king of a magical fairytale land. That's like our dream job. If we knew where to apply for a job like that, trust us, we would be. We'd even be willing to become cartoon characters if it meant we could live in a fairytale. FUN Details This costume is as close as we can get you to be the ruler of your own fairytale kingdom. You'll be wearing a white tunic that's been styled to look like it belongs to royalty! Over your tunic, you'll be wearing the golden sash and the belt, both of which add your magical effect. We've also included the medal so that you look like a decorated prince! Last but not least, we've included maroon pants to bring the whole ensemble to a close. You put all of these items together and you are left with one impressive costume!AND They Lived Happily Ever AFTERJust because we don't live in a fairytale, doesn't mean you can't find your own happily ever after! Take your costume as inspiration to always strive for what makes you happy, and don't let anything get in the way. We hope you can find your happily ever after!

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Elite Queen of Hearts Plus Size Costume for Women
HK$ 782.00 HK$ 860.00

Queen OF Hearts The Queen of Hearts is one frightening woman! She has too much power, and too short of a fuse, unfortunately. It seems that anyone that bothers her even a little, is going to lose their head. That's not just a saying meaning that they'll lose their cool, they will actually lose their head! This queen's catchphrase is "Off with their head!", and her favorite solution to any problem is to take about 10 inches off the top (of their head). This is an unfortunate trait in a queen, considering that the people most likely to annoy her are the people closest to her! This means that the more you move up in the royal court, the more you'll be around the queen and the more at risk you'll be! It's almost enough to make you not want a promotion! FUN Details This costume comes with everything you'll need to feel like the regal, evil queen you are! This costume comes in the form of a long dress, consisting of black, gold, red and white! This dress has a white collar and puffy sleeves, to add to its traditional feel, and it has a black and white checkered pattern across the waist. To help your dress keep its shape, You'll have a hoop running through the skirt. You'll also have a choker necklace with a pendant on it, and a crown fit perfectly for the Queen of Hearts! BE A Nice Queen When you become the Queen of Hearts, we recommend that you look at what happened to the Queen of Hearts in the book and learn from it! Rather than being a mean, foul queen, you could be a nice, fun queen! You can still use the queen's catchphrase "Off with their head", but you could use it as a joke! We think you might be a happier queen this way, and you might stay queen a little longer because of it. Good luck!

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If you buy Elite Costumes, you can get 27% off from its original price! Many people prefer Midnight Vampiress Womens Plus Size Costume, Dark Sorcerer Mens Costume and Dashing Devils Mens Costume from Elite Costumes. If you are not sure whether to purchase Elite Costumes, you might want to check out these products from FUN Costumes, Rubies Costume Co. Inc and California Costume Collection. iPrice Hong Kong offers Elite Costumes for as low as HK$ 383.00 up to as much as HK$ 1,614.00. For colors, Blue are amongst the popular shades when it comes to Elite Costumes.