ETVOS Hair Oil 50ml Brand from Japan: Etvos. Painfully giving gloss to damaged hair, making non-silicon type hair oil that improves cohesion. It is not sticky, it quickly becomes familiar with a stubborn feel and supple hair with supple. High-function oil and cuticle protective ingredients that coat hair protects hair that is prone to dryness and ultraviolet rays. The fragrance of a fresh and gorgeous rose blend. Point 1 Protect and protect the hair, protect the hair against ultraviolet rays and dry damage, from the heat of the dryer. High moisturizing oil which coats hair and forms a barrier, Cuticle protecting ingredient which adsorbs to painful hair and replenishes protein ingredients (silk) formulation protects the moisture of painful hair which is painful with ultraviolet rays and dry damage, prevent split ends and cut hair. In addition, it coats the hair in response to the heat of the hair dryer and the hair colon, and the hair repair ingredient formulation improves swell and entanglement. While changing the heat of the hair dryer / hair iron to a friend, it will shinefully and smoothly fingers with good fingers. [Point 2] Vegetable oil blend giving shine to the hair and the background, to a healthy hair. Avoiding familiar skin, avocado oil rich in vitamins, royal road oil Arugan oil of aging care, Marlaoil rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omega 6, omega 9), such as hair and skin Luxury blend vegetable oil giving glossy. Sharpen shinier and healthier hair. [Point 3] It is sticky with a sticky feel. Fresh scent of natural damask rose. Light feeling, good elongation, oil based vegetable derived oil based. Although it is non-silicon, it gave a sticky feel and it gave a sticky finish. Furthermore, the fresh fragrance that blended with natural damask rose tickle the woman's heart every time she uses it. How to use: As an outbus treatment not washed away: Take an appropriate amount (3 to 4 drops with long hair), wet hair after shampoo, also center the tip of hair. The nutritional component of natural oil penetrates deep into the hair in 7 to 8 hours. It got moistened like hair packed the next morning, to hair gathered up smoothly. As a protective oil before using hair dryers and hair irons: Rapeseed derived hair repair ingredient -docosalactone reacts with heat to coat hair, improving undulation and entanglement. While protecting the hair from heat, it realizes smooth hair styling that is easy to styling. Hair without gloss, as a styling agent for hair spreading around Pasa: While nourishing dry and spread hair and glossless hair, it gently shimmer hair. You can use it as a hair colon. HK$ 361.23
ETVOS Hair Oil Serum 50ml Brand from Japan: Etvos. The moment put it on, it gets wet and moist. Coating hair with vegetable oil, concentrating damage repair. Dryer treatment hair oil that protects hair from heat and dryness. Ethovos hair oil that gathers moist from hair care appeared. Spread with age, to passion, to those who care about drying, leads to beautiful shiny hair gathered moistly. At the moment the oil of a sticky texture was applied, it suddenly became familiar to the whole hair, it gave moisture to the hair and coated the whole hair. While splurling gives split hair, it prevents cutting hair. Based on plant-based oil-based low irritation formula, it pursues gloss, moisturizing, damage repair, protects hair from hair dryer, hair color fading, ultraviolet ray damage, and brings out the natural beauty of hair. It is a scent of rose garden that wraps adult women deeply, gentleness plus. Point 01: Cool hair texture coats hair to prevent hair and split ends, protects hair from drying and ultraviolet rays. Carefully selected oils of vegetable origin, blends and blends the original balanced radish seed extract etc. which gives hair a shiny hair. Protecting the hair. It gives moisture while coating, it prevents split hair and cut hair, guides hair to dry hair and shiny hair which protects hair from ultraviolet rays. Point 02: Luxury blend of hair repair ingredients, to supple hair while protecting hair from hair dryness and hair color discoloration. Luxury blend of plant-derived hair repair ingredient -docosalactone, coat hair with a dryer or iron heat as a friend to prevent swell and entanglement, leading to supple hair. In addition, Salvia spodica seed oil which was cold press extracted from the seed of Chia seed called superfood as a hair color discoloration prevention component was adopted. Furthermore, isostearoyl hydrolyzed silk repairs damage and makes the hair surface smoother. Point 03: Roses garden with scent of damask rose essence plus deep flavor. It adds further depth by blending essential oil of Bulgarian Damascub roses of rare value to the fragrance of rose bouquet which changes from freshness to deep sweetness of woody. Aroma of rose garden that heals adult women deeply. Point 04: With non-silicone, to design to bring out the natural beauty of hair. Low-irritation formula that is gentle to the skin. At the moment of attaching, non-silicon formulation of texture which was crispy with oil which suffices to hair suddenly. Hypoallergenic prescription that gives shiny hair and draws out the natural beauty of hair. 5 Non-Use: surfactant / mineral oil / silicon / coloring agent / preservative. How to use: After towel dry, apply a proper amount mainly with the palm of the palm of the hand and apply it well to the entire hair. Dry thoroughly with a dryer HK$ 361.23
ETVOS Mineral Concealer Palette SPF 36 PA+++ 3.1g Brand from Japan: Etvos. Concealer palette which can customize color freely according to the point to hide such as spots, bears, acne scars and so on. By combining natural ocher and orange, you can more naturally cover points you care about. In addition, the attached brush has become 2 way of brush and sponge, brush can be used for a wide range of bears, spots can be used properly for points such as spots and acne marks. It is possible to freely adjust skin color with 3 colors 2 way brush. Silicone free, mineral oil free, surfactant free, nano powder free, tar based dye free, synthetic perfume free, non chemical prescription with natural mineral ingredients and plant derived oil formulation. Make-off is possible without cleansing. 3 points of Mineral Concealer Palette. Point 1. Customize to your own color and cover your skin problems: You can finish it to more natural skin by freely customizing three colors of Natural Beige, Orange Beige, Ocher Beige according to your skin color and skin troubles. The attached brush is 2 way of the brush part and the sponge part, it is possible to use the brush for a wide range of bears and the sponge for the point part such as spots and acne marks. 3 colors 2 way brush allows you to freely adjust the skin color. Point 2. Combination of beautiful skin ingredients to care from the root of skin trouble: In addition to the skin-friendly mineral prescription, it incorporates a beautiful skin ingredient that can be used for everyday use. Sustained vitamin C derivative which treats spots, acne marks and brown bears by pigmentation Undecylenoylphenylalanine which helps the action of vitamin C derivatives Stearyl glycyrrhetinate formulated to prevent rough skin. It care from the root of skin trouble, and leads to a refreshing bare skin. Point 3. Low irritation prescription also recommended for sensitive skin: Petroleum-based surfactant, silicon, mineral oil, talc, nano particle, ultraviolet absorber, tar dye, synthetic perfume, paraben not used. Since it can be dropped with soap and lukewarm water, it can be used for those with sensitive skin. How to use: Before the powdery base makeup, after the liquid base makeup, use it in the part you want to cover. Adjust the orange beige to a bluish bear, overlay natural beige or ocher beige from above. For acne marks and small spots, use the sponge surface. HK$ 605.20

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