Contacts are growing more and more popular among men and women today. Not only does it help correct your vision, it also is adds aesthetic value and emphasizes your eyes. Get the best contact lenses in Hong Kong and scroll down below to learn about how to care for your contact lenses.

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How to care for your contact lenses

Contact lenses are pieces of thin silicone placed on top of a person’s cornea and iris. Originally, a pair of contact lenses is used to correct an individual’s vision, similar to typical eyeglasses. However, the use of contact lenses has transcended from becoming a remedy to eye problems to being purely cosmetic. Many people use contacts to emphasize their eyes and add color to them, putting more intensity to their make up. Nonetheless, not taking care of your contact lenses can lead to a variety of eye infections and in more severe cases, cause blindness. So here are ways you can care for your contact lenses.

Clean, rinse, and disinfect

First and foremost, it is important that you wash your hands so that you do not transfer dirt and germs to your eyes. If possible, use an anti-bacterial soap instead of a moisturizing soap as they are not recommended for contact lenses. Secondly, remove one lens and clean it in the palm of your hands. Only a few drops of solution is needed to ideally remove eye-produced buildup, cosmetics, and other debris that reduces the comfort of the lens. After that, places the cleaned lens into the holder. Make sure that you fill it up with clean solution and not reuse the old solution.

Other care tips for contact lenses

Depending on an individual's eyes, certain wearers have more protein in their eyes that will be deposited onto the contacts. Thus, there is special products that will help in the removal of protein. Cleaning will help remove protein but still will build up on your lenses overtime and making it uncomfortable to wearer. Nonetheless, if you wear dailies, you probably would not need the protein cleaner. On the other hand, if you choose to wear monthlies it is more likely you need to get one.

Wearing contact lenses daily can cause the eyes to become dry and irritated. Thus, it is important to utilise eye drops to lubricate your eyes every once in a while. Simply switch to products that are labelled “preservative-free”.

If you prefer to thoroughly clean your lens, utilise a cleaning/disinfecting device that will help to clean and disinfect your contact lens. The cleaning process utilises ultrasonic waves or subsonic agitation. On the other hand, disinfection takes place with the use of multipurpose solution or ultraviolet light. Each machine is different, so it is important to read the manual beforehand. Typically, rinse the lenses first with either saline or multipurpose solution. After that, place the contact lenses into the device and fill it with it up with the same solution that you utilised for rinsing.

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