No matter if you choose to wear glasses as a fashion accessory or as a prescription, they are becoming more accessible as well as affordable nowadays. Get the best glasses in Hong Kong and learn about ways to take care of it below.


Ways to take care of your glasses

Glasses come in various shapes and sizes and you might have to invest a lot of time finding the right pair. Depending on the frame shape, pattern or colour, glasses are the perfect way to express yourself. If you want your eyewear to last as long as possible, it is important to know the methods of maintaining it. Here are the proper ways to take care of your glasses to make them lasts.


First and foremost, it is important to rinse your glasses off before wiping or cleaning them. This will help remove any dust and grime that can settle on your lenses. There is a possibility that the tiny particles may scratch your lens particularly if it is wiped on a dry lens.

Eyeglass cleaner

Make sure you utilize a cleaner that is made specifically for your glasses. It is advisable to avoid using household cleaners as they might contain chemicals that will strip off the coating of the lens.

Air Dry

After cleaning the glasses, leave it out to air dry so that you can keep away any materials from getting onto your lens. Another method of doing so is to utilize a soft, clean, and lint-free cloth to wipe the lens. Ensure that the cloth used is safe to wipe the lenses. It is recommended to use the right kinds of cloths to dry lenses and not paper towels, tissues, or napkins. This is because; no matter how soft the material is, there is still a possibility of scratching the lenses. Even though, the tail of your shirt may seem like the easiest option to clean your glasses, but it is definitely not recommended as the fibers in the fabric will scratch the lens.

Hold firmly

When you wipe your frames, hold it properly by gripping the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. This is so that, it will prevent you from accidently bending the frame. Moreover, bent glasses will negatively affect the way you see from your glasses as well as more likely to feel uncomfortable.

Store it properly

Always store your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them. It is a great way to keep dust and dirt away from your eyeglasses, but also helps protect it from getting scratched, bent or broken. Make sure the glasses are not faced down when you place it in the case, always keep it facing up. You may opt for the sleeker microfiber pouches so that you can place it in your bag whenever you are on-the-go.

Clean often

It is advisable to wash your glasses at least once per day. This will keep it in their optimal state so that you don’t have to always replace your glasses.

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