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Fairy Godmother Costume For Women
HK$ 1,564.00

Fairy GODMOTHERSHaving a fairy godmother would be amazing. It'd be like have a genie and a guardian angel all in one. They would grant you wishes and make your wildest dreams come true, all while making sure that you are safe and that it's in your best interest. All of this, simply because it is what fairy godmothers do. The only thing better than having a fairy godmother would be Being a fairy godmother. You'd have seemingly unlimited power at your disposal. Sure, you'd have to take care of someone else while you do it, but that's okay! It's nice taking care of people! And it would be totally worth it to be able to make wishes come true with a flick of your wand. If we saw a job listing for a fairy godmother position, you had better believe we would apply! FUN Details This costume is the first step in making all of your wildest dreams come true! The costume starts with a pink ball gown with a satin bodice and gold detailing. There is a faux jewel brooch on the chest and a zipper on the back to secure the dress in place. The skirt of the dress hangs floor length and maintains its shape with some plastic hooping. We've included pink nylon wings, because you are a fairy, after all. We've also included a golden wand and a foam tiara to add to the almost princess-like effect of this costume. All you'll need is someone to play fairy godmother to, and you will be all set!FIRST WISHIf you had a fairy godmother, what would be the first thing that you'd wish for? You could wish for a new car or new house, but you gotta think bigger than that! You could solve world hunger or bring about world peace. Don't be afraid to shoot for the stars, anything is possible with a fairy godmother!

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