Committed to creating safe and effective beauty products with natural ingredients, Fancl is a pioneer of preservative-free skincare and cosmetics in Japan. The brand continues to innovate through scientific research and development, and it has built a loyal following around Asia for its clean and gentle formulations. From cleansers and lotions to makeup and sunscreens, FANCL HK has got you covered.


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Best Preservative-Free Skin Care From FANCL Hong Kong

Being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FANCL Corporation, the FANCL brand was first established and is currently based in Irvine, CA. Now, FANCL has a strong presence in the skincare industry, and it’s growing day-by-day with the support of its loyal customers and users. FANCL’s solution to the problem with most skin care products is to eliminate all the dulling alkalis and greasy pore-clogging thickening agents. They do this by eliminating preservatives; to do that - they pack their products in small, freshness-dated bottles hermetically sealed in pharmaceutically sterile laboratories. Today, Fancl can be seen as one of the leaders in preservative-free skincare, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements with more than 200 retail outlets throughout Japan and other Asian countries. Through the vastness of the loyal customers and through their far-reaching presence, Fancl is now made available in America.

Fancl has a wide variety of products that cover skincare from both the outside-in and inside-out. Mainly, Fancl offers products that cover Skincare, Makeup, Nutrition, and Supplements. Below are some of the brand's must-have skincare products.

Fancl Skincare and Advanced Skincare

This category is divided into 2, normal skincare and advanced skincare. What differs is that the advanced type caters to skin with special needs. In the skincare product line-up, you can find products that cover cleansing, all-in-one washes, and Anti-Aging creams. On top of that, it targets various skin concerns such as dryness, ageing, pore-minimizing, shine control, dark spots and many more.

Fancl Makeup

Aside from skincare, FANCL offers a variety of makeup products including face primers, concealers, foundations and powders. To create a smooth and flawless base for your makeup, look to FANCL’s Skincare Base Bright Up UV SPF35 PA+++. This lightweight primer forms the perfect matte base for your makeup while also blurring the appearance of pores and controlling excess sebum. If you have an oily complexion, you don’t have to worry about looking greasy by midday because the product helps absorb excess oil and sweat so that you’ll stay refreshed all day.

Fancl also focuses on makeup due to how it can both affect and enhance the skin. Makeup products in this line-up feature foundations, powders, eyes, nails, primers/concealers, lips, cheeks, and tools. They are made to enhance your features without non-beneficial additives.

Fancl Personal Care

Under this category, Fancl offers products that will improve your overall well-being with its body series, hair series, and baby series. Prevent signs of ageing with body lotions, shower gels, and firming hand cream. For the healthcare series, Fancl offers haircare repair shampoo, hair essence, and styling conditioner. They even have a baby series which includes shower gels, baby shampoo, and moisturizing lotion.

Fancl Supplements

We love advanced nutritional support and superfoods. Fancl explores this love that we share with many others in producing their very own line of supplements. Fancl offers supplements such as Fiber Support MIX, Perfect Vegetable, Perfect Slim Alpha, Perfect Slim Drink Multi-Shape, Calorie Limit, and Clear Control AC.