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Sometimes, it’s difficult for new moms to produce a sufficient amount of breast milk. They tend to move on to store-bought formulas that contain so many chemicals we can’t pronounce. Even if it’s hard for you to produce breast milk, you should still try as there are bountiful of benefits of breastfeeding your child. To learn more, read the article by clicking here.

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NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump
HK$ 942.00

NUK Electric Comfort Breast Pump Luna Everyone knows that breast milk is best for your baby. In case, you don’t find enough time to breastfeed your child or else are busy otherwise, your little one still does not have to miss or give up his or her precious food. Mothers who express milk regularly are recommended to use an electric breast pump. The NUK Luna is small, feature a low weight and is easy to handle – thus customised for the needs of modern mothers. Thanks to the two-phase pumping rhythm the electric breast pump Luna by NUK provides the highest level of efficiency and excellent comfort by simulating the innate sucking motion of your baby during breastfeeding. The first phase stimulates the let-down reflex by rapid stimulation and short suction intervals. The second phase features a slow, intensive sucking rhythm for maximum milk flow. You can choose the different phases individually. By combining the two phases you can express more milk in a shorter time. The major advantages of the NUK breast pump are its fully adjustable suction strength that allows an optimum adaptation to your individual needs, the super soft silicone cushion that adapts perfectly to the shape of your breast as well as soft nubs that massage the skin and stimulate the milk flow additionally. NUK’s electric comfort breast pump Luna can be used with only one hand. Due to the fact that this breast pump comes with only a few parts, you can disassemble it after use, cleaned it easily and reassemble it in less than no time. In order to make sure that you can be as flexible as possible, NUK’s breast pump Luna can be operated with batteries or mains adaptor (batteries not included, 3 x AAA 1.5V batteries required). A global adaptor which is designed for worldwide use and thus perfect for travelling is also included in delivery. Apart from the breast pump and the silicone cushion there are the following accessories included: A NUK First Choice + Anti-Colic silicone teat, size 1 S (extra fine food hole) suitable for babies aged 0 - 6 months, one NUK breast milk container, a screw ring, a protective cap, a sealing disc, a tilt-proof stand and a euro plug CEE 7/16 suitable for travelling. Details: * Efficient: 2-phase rhythm, - Phase 1: stimulate milk flow - Phase 2: efficient pumping, phases can be selected individually * Mild: fully adjustable suction strength for maximum comfort * Soft: super soft silicone cushion with knobs for pleasant massage and optimal adjustment to the breast * Flexible: Mains or battery operation, including global adaptor which is great for travelling - for 100 - 240 V AC / 50/60 Hertz * Compatible with all NUK First Choice bottles and teats * Incl. NUK First Choice Anti-Colic Wide neck + silicone teat, size 1 (0-6 months), S (extra fine feed hole), protection cap, screw ring, sealing disc, stand and NUK breast milk container

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NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump
HK$ 457.00

NUK Manual Breast Pump Jolie The NUK manual breast pump Jolie provides you with an effortless, gentle but very efficient way of expressing breast milk. Jolie is easy to use and also suitable for being cleaned in the dishwasher. Nowadays modern mothers want to be independent, flexible and always mobile. That is why breastfeeding is not always possible. But this does not mean at all that your baby has to dispense on his or her valuable breast milk. Expressing breast milk offers a useful alternative. Feeding your baby with the NUK First Choice+ feeding bottles provides your little one with a pleasant feeling similar to breastfeeding. The innovative technology as well as the elaborate functionality ensure that the pumping power of NUK’s Jolie is particularly high. The soft and gentle silicone cushion adapts perfectly to the mother’s breast and provides a pleasant feeling on the skin. Special nubs stimulate the milk-flow. With the NUK manual breast pump Jolie expressing breast milk is very easy. The smooth-running pumping lever features an ergonomic shape and allows you to adjust the suction power individually: The more you press it the higher the suction power gets. The expressed breast milk runs directly into the NUK breast milk container which is made of temperature-resistant polypropylene (Pp) and included in delivery. The container is suitable for storing, freezing, heating and feeding breast milk – thus re-filling it into another bottle or container is not necessary. Also, you can easily place a NUK First Choice+ teat right onto the screw ring of the milk container and are ready to start feeding your little one in less than no time. For a hygienic cleaning, you can easily disassemble the breast pump into its individual parts and re-assemble is again as easily. A super convenient highlight is that you can put all individual parts into the dishwasher to get them clean. In order to ensure an effortless, gentle and efficient expressing of milk for you, NUK’s manual breast pump Jolie was developed on the basis of the latest medical findings and in close collaboration with nursing and breastfeeding experts and. Naturally all materials used for this item feature NUK’s tried and tested quality, are tested for harmful substances and are BPA-free. Manufactured in Germany. Details: * Highly efficient manual breast pump * Gentle expressing of breast milk and simple handling * Soft silicone cushion with special nubs stimulate the milk flow * Ergonomic, smooth-running pump lever * including foot, breast milk container with screw ring and sealing disc (for storing, freezing, heating and feeding) * BPA-free * Made in Germany

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Medela Double Electric Breast Pump Swing Maxi
HK$ 2,342.00

Medela Double Electric Breast Pump Swing Maxi Medela’s double electric breast pump Swing is equipped with research-based 2-Phase expression technology which feature a high level of efficiency that save time as well as a super comfortable handling. It automatically switches from stimulation- to expression-phase (switching manually is possible as well). Furthermore, you can choose between 9 vacuum levels and thus select the one which is most comfortable for you. By pumping two breast simultaneously, the Swing Maxi saves you a lot of time while guaranteeing that the expressed milk has a much higher energy content. The Swing Maxi is also suitable for maintaining and increasing lactation which makes it the ideal companion for moms with a low lactation. Medela’s double electric breast pump Swing Maxi is perfect for all moms with an active lifestyle since its easy and safe handling ensures an easy and sustainable expressing of your breast milk. The breast pump Swing operates with a mains adaptor. Furthermore, it is possible to operate the breast pump by using batteries which – when combined with the convenient belt clip – contributes to much more mobility. That way, the Swing Maxi is suitable for being used at home and when being out and about too. Items delivered: * 2 x PersonalFit Breast Shield (size M: 24 mm) * 2 x Connectors * 1 x PVC Swing tube * 2 x Breast Milk Bottles (150 ml) * 2 x Multi-Lids * 2 x Bottle stands * 1 x Swing motor unit * 1 x Mains adapter * 1 x Calma solitaire

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Avent Philips Natural Breastfeeding Set with Manual Breast Pump
HK$ 678.00

Avent Philips Natural Breastfeeding Set with Manual Breast Pump For a good start to a new stage of life – the Philips Avent Natural breastfeeding set with manual breast pump is the perfect support kit for all moms who wish to start expressing breast milk. The set contains all the important essentials needed for pumping and storing milk as well as for feeding your baby. Items delivered: * 1 x comfort manual breast pump, * 10 x reusable breast milk storage cups (180 ml), * 1x Natural baby bottle 260 ml, * 1 Natural teat, * 2 x adaptors, and * 4 x breast pads (2 x day breast pads, 2 x night breast pads). The unique design of this manual breast pump allows you to sit straight up in a comfortable pumping position. The milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle while the comfortable sitting position contributes to a natural and easy milk flow. The silky-soft texture of the massage cushion feels particularly warm on your skin and thus additionally stimulates the milk flow in a gentle way. The soft and flexible petals inside the teat contribute to natural drinking just like on mom’s breast. Furthermore, the softness and flexibility of the teat prevent the teat from collapsing. The innovative twin valve reduces colic and discomfort by preventing the air from getting into baby’s tummy. Combining breast and bottle feeding is thus made particularly easy for your child. The Natural baby bottle features an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to hold and grip it in any direction. The material used (polypropylene) is free from Bpa. By using the adaptor for the reusable storage cups, you can easily pump your breast milk directly into the storage container. This way, there is no leakage and no spilling of your precious breast milk. Sealing the cups tightly with the matching discs ensures safe storage and transport of your baby’s food. All cups are suitable for being stored in the fridge or freezer and are dishwasher safe. The disposable breast pads feature several layers so that they ensure maximum absorbency. They are made of silky-soft, breathable outer material. Details: * Comprehensive set for new-born babies and their moms * Breast pump with unique design for relaxed pumping (no leaning forwards, comfortable position) * Soft massage cushion for gently stimulating milk flow * Particularly soft and flexible teat, unique petals * Special anti-colic system * For easy combination of breast and bottle feeding * Ergonomic shape of bottle for easy grip * Wide bottleneck for easy assembly, filling and cleaning * Storage cups are suitable for being stored in fridge and freezer, dishwasher safe * Matching storage cup discs for safe storage and transport * Adaptor helps to pump milk directly into the storage container * Material of bottle: polypropylene, free from BPA * Material of breast pump: polypropylene, free from BPA (only those parts that come in contact with food) * Material of reusable storage cups: polypropyl...

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Top Breastfeeding Price List 2018

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NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump HK$ 942.00 Kidsroom
Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump HK$ 1,588.00 Halomama
NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump HK$ 457.00 Kidsroom
Spectra M1 Portable Double Electric Breast Pump HK$ 1,098.00 Halomama
Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump HK$ 1,768.00 Halomama
Reusable Breast Pads Light & Discreet 6 Pack HK$ 113.00 Flora and Fauna
Reusable Breast Pads Large 6 Pack HK$ 169.00 Flora and Fauna
Comfort Breast Shell Set, BPA-Free HK$ 282.00 Kidsroom
GL Manual Breast Pump Nursing Mom Handheld Breastmilk Suction HK$ 134.00 Tomtop
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NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump

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The Many Benefits of Breastfeeding your Child

What you feed your newborn child in their first couple of years is very crucial as this is when most of the physical (and mental) developments take place. Not only that breast milk is natural, it is also more beneficial in so many ways than store-bought formula.

Stronger and healthier baby

Breast milk contains the necessary nutrition and vitamins needed for your babies to grow properly. It also contains many antibodies to fight unwanted viruses and bacteria that your fragile baby might be exposed to. It promotes the growth of strong bones, strengthens the immune system, prevent gastrointestinal infections like diarrhea and other kinds of infections, and reduce the risk of your child getting diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease. Because of this, breast milk can help vaccines react better compared to formula-fed babies.

Cheaper than store-bought formula

Since you would only need to invest in a high-quality breast pump, several feeding bottles, and a sterilizer, you won’t need to spend as much grocery money for your baby’s milk. Store-bought formulas have the tendency to be ridiculously expensive and you can spend from RM150 to RM400 per month. Imagine how much you’d be spending in a year for store-bough baby formulas alone. As long as you are capable of producing breast milk on the daily, the monthly cost for your child’s formula won’t even touch RM50 per month.

Lesser chance of getting cancer

When you breastfeed your child, whether directly from your breast or with the help of a breast pump, you’re decreasing your chance of contracting breast cancer. Not only you’re reducing the risk of cancer yourself you’re also doing so for your baby. Through breastfeeding, you’re decreasing the chance of them getting any types of childhood cancers.

Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

Not sure how to increase breast milk production? Follow the easy and simple steps below.

  1. Nurse frequently throughout the day and in the night when your child is awake.
  2. Switch feed your baby by alternating between breasts. Always offer both breasts at each feeding session and observe your child’s feeding pattern.
  3. Try different positions when breastfeeding your baby. There’s the cradle, football, and side-lying positions.
  4. Consider using breast compression that can stimulate and continue milk flow.
  5. Drink plenty of water as dehydration can lead to low supply of breast milk.
  6. Eat oatmeal, nuts, carrots, ginger, fennel, and other foods that can increase milk supply.
  7. Get plenty of rest and sleep well because moms should always take care of themselves too. Contact your doctor or a lactation consultant if the problem persists.